cybersecurity management
By Bill Siwicki 09:35 am December 27, 2017
Cybersecurity has become an extremely complex field and chief information security officers need a specific body of knowledge – and a smart staff to handle the rest.
AI can improve EHRs
By Mike Miliard 02:32 pm December 21, 2017
Stanford researchers see risks in improperly deployed artificial intelligence but say it can have big benefits when used as a partner in care delivery.
Women medical school enrollment

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine building in Maryland.

By Jessica Davis 09:57 am December 21, 2017
Females represented more than half of 2017’s enrollees, which might not translate to more health IT leaders yet – but it will mean more women involved in other critical hospital leadership roles.
Former ONC chief Karen DeSalvo to join Dell Medical School
By Mike Miliard 04:04 pm December 19, 2017
DeSalvo, who also served as Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS, will be a professor in Dell Med's Department of Internal Medicine, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Population Health.
Black book cybersecurity report
By Bill Siwicki 02:01 pm December 18, 2017
With attacks continuing unabated and healthcare again expected to be 2018's top cyber target, just 11 percent of providers plan to get a cybersecurity officer in 2018, the new research report finds.
Best Hospital IT Department 2017
By Jessica Davis 06:55 am December 15, 2017
Staying focused on both patients and employees has made its EHR project not only easier, but enjoyable, too.
Best Hospital IT Department 2017
By Jessica Davis 06:54 am December 15, 2017
The latest technology is put to work improving patient care, reducing readmissions and improving the community.
Best Hospital IT Department 2017
By Jessica Davis 06:53 am December 15, 2017
An innovative spirit and a sharp focus on what children need is what makes this system a winner.
Best Hospital IT Department 2017
By Jessica Davis 06:52 am December 15, 2017
A massive EHR rollout and cutting-edge big data projects owe success to leadership and tactical workflow design.
Best Hospital IT Department 2017
By Bernie Monegain 06:49 am December 15, 2017
Data analytics and tight cybersecurity are among this Stage 7 hospital's highest priorities.

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