By 04:36 pm May 05, 2017
An aging population with an increased life expectancy is putting immense strain on healthcare organizations, making it crucial to focus on population health, preventative care and new technologies to provide more advanced care for longer.
By 04:32 pm May 05, 2017
The healthcare industry is on the brink of explosive growth as consumer technologies and new apps and devices are becoming commonplace in the healthcare environment. Find out how new technologies are impacting patient experiences.
By 12:00 pm May 04, 2017
Today’s healthcare markets are growing exponentially and medical care services need to keep up with patients by providing real-time monitoring and communication.
By 01:00 pm May 02, 2017
St. Joseph Heath recently deployed Box’s cloud content management platform and secured it on their employee’s mobile devices with Box for EMM and MobileIron,  ensuring that all of their most important content and healthcare data was secure and HIPPA compliant no matter where it was accessed.
By 01:00 pm April 26, 2017
With the industry embracing value-based care, healthcare organizations are focused on improving outcomes and patient satisfaction, while also looking to reduce costs, increase security and compliance and optimize clinical and non-clinical team collaboration.
By 01:00 pm April 18, 2017
Telemedicine is an exciting tool that allows providers to utilize technology to improve their patient satisfaction and create a more efficient, flexible healthcare delivery process. So how can you best execute on this promise? Healthcare technology often makes interacting with patients harder not easier.
By 01:00 pm March 28, 2017
The journey through implementation of a telemedicine services program in serving patients and satisfying the requirements of physicians.
By 10:21 am March 20, 2017
Storage has changed markedly in the past few years, and not a minute too soon for healthcare providers struggling to control costs of skyrocketing storage requirements. Perhaps the biggest change is the mainstreaming of all flash arrays, with speed, features and a rapid ROI to meet the healthcare storage challenge head-on.
By American Well 02:00 pm February 07, 2017
Over the last few years digital health and telemedicine, in particular, have become one of the core focuses of the big HIMSS annual conference. MobiHealthNews is teaming up with telemedicine luminary American Well to discuss the digital health trends likely to dominate conversations at the big event in Orlando this February.
By 01:00 pm February 02, 2017
In order to improve patient experience, hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities are turning to mobile as a strategic technology. With indoor wireless location-services, you can deliver amazing new services personalized for individual patient needs. 

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