Salesforce telehealth cloud
By Bill Siwicki 09:01 am August 18, 2016
The new telehealth technology enables care teams to engage with patients via live video chat on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

(Infographic: HRSA)

By Jessica Davis 11:06 am August 12, 2016
Rural healthcare is receiving a $16 million boost for telehealth and quality improvement activities from the Department of Health and Human Services' Health Resources & Services Administration, it was announced Thursday.
HealthTap virtual care
By Jessica Davis 01:57 pm August 09, 2016
The latest version of the platform simultaneously connects medical specialists to patients and caregivers and a new service will translate between people speaking different languages.
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By Validic 07:57 am August 09, 2016
Digital health technologies are providing pharma companies with actionable insights into the medication-taking behaviors of trial participants.
American Well Schoenberg telehealth

American Well CEO Roy Schoenberg, MD, said telelmedicine is transitioning from quick urgent visits to being used in ongoing relationships between doctors and patients in need of longitudinal care with frequent interaction.

By Bill Siwicki 07:40 am August 05, 2016
As providers, payers and patients align in what Schoenberg calls a national play for delivering real-time care anywhere patients and providers can connect, telemedicine stands ready to revolutionize healthcare the way Amazon has rewritten retail.
Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine telehealth ACA

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine expanded Medicaid in Virginia under the Affordable Care Act and instituted telehealth programs to improve care in rural areas.

By Jessica Davis 11:25 am July 28, 2016
The Virginia Senator has helped to increase healthcare access throughout Virginia via telehealth initiatives and Medicaid expansion.
technology-enabled care solutions
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By Validic 08:15 am July 28, 2016
Connected health - technology-enabled care solutions that facilitate communication between patients, providers and caregivers - is becoming more prevalent in the United States and spreading across the globe.
HCA Illini Community robots Skype

PeaceHealth is among the hospital networks using emerging technologies to reach patients in new ways.

By Larry McClain 07:08 am July 28, 2016
Other hospitals including PeaceHealth in the Pacific Northwest are also finding video consults can also open doors to other services to the benefit of patients and healthcare providers. 
Cleveland Clinic ICU population health
By Jonah Comstock 07:08 am July 27, 2016
The health system is using eHosptial and eCMU to create command centers where clinicians gather to keep an eye on the sickest patients and, in turn, more effectively handle rapid response calls. 
NewYork-Presbyterian NYP OnDemand
By Jessica Davis 03:18 pm July 26, 2016
The healthcare network has begun rolling out new telehealth services to provide digital second opinions and promote inter-hospital consultations. 

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