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By 12:00 pm March 22, 2017
Successful CDS delivery requires targeting the most appropriate clinical workflow. This varies based on the clinical staff, care setting and underlying technology infrastructure. This webinar will educate attendees on how to maximize the impact of CDS by matching it to the proper workflow.   
By Unisys 10:08 am March 13, 2017
Secure and manage the medical devices in your ecosystem, stay compliant to FDA regulations and achieve seamless integration with OEMs, all with one secure and intuitive platform.
By Unisys 10:04 am March 13, 2017
Drive proactive management of all your medical devices in an enterprise using one view and source of information. Secure your devices and the patients using them and facilitate compliance to FDA norms.
By 01:25 pm March 06, 2017
HIMSS Analytics survey, Healthcare IT Security and Risk Management reveals that while progress has been made in beefing up healthcare organizations' cybsecurity, much work remains.
By 01:00 pm February 16, 2017
Healthcare is in the throes of transformation today like never before. Changes in the political landscape are likely to usher in significant impacts to business models, processes and the need for quick data analysis.
By Sonifi Health 05:23 pm February 15, 2017
For nursing leaders: A look at how hospitals can leverage interactive technology and processes to improve the patient experience and reduce preventable readmissions.
By 02:00 pm January 24, 2017
Freeman Health began to improve timely access to patient care by automating critical workflows through a cloud-based, operational platform. Hear a CIO’s perspective on how this initial effort grew into a long-term strategy to improve patient flow across an enterprise.
By 11:29 am November 08, 2016
Patientricity puts the patient, caregiver and IT into a Triangle of Care, which promotes increased interaction, satisfaction, safety and efficiency.
By 11:20 am November 08, 2016
Sedentary jobs are a danger to people's health. Long periods of sitting also impede productivity. Therefore, employers need to reassess the physical workspace and come up with ergonomic solutions that will resolve these problems.
By 11:12 am November 08, 2016
Nurses face physical challenges in their daily work. While technology should streamline their work, oftentimes it is the source of problems that impact their health. Clinical design & ergonomic principles can alleviate many of these issues.

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