Quality and Safety

By 01:00 pm May 02, 2018
US healthcare reform, increasing patient expectations, exponential data growth, and the threat of cyber attacks are forcing healthcare providers to re-evaluate their data management strategies. Healthcare providers are responding to these demands by leveraging Amazon’s AWS Cloud to enforce lifecycle management, employ cost-effective,...
The Impact of Interruptions on Clinician Stress and Burnout
By 02:00 pm May 01, 2018
This webinar explores how clinical and IT leaders view the challenges of clinician stress and burnout, and how they can solve them efficiently and effectively.
By 02:00 pm March 23, 2018
Join Salesforce experts to hear how leading healthcare organizations are using customer relationship management (CRM) to connect with patients and providers in a whole new way. Learn how NYU Langone Health is using Salesforce Health Cloud to support a first-of-its-kind clinical affairs patient access center platform that provides agents with a...
By 01:00 pm February 20, 2018
A new eight-story pavilion at UConn Health consolidates outpatient care in one convenient location. This webinar reveals how a smartphone platform connects the care team, enables collaboration with the inpatient staff, and supports streamlined workflows that improve the patient experience. During this webinar, you’ll learn: How to...
By 12:00 pm February 09, 2018
Value-based payment for care requires the consistent, objective calculation of care quality. A new approach to quality measurement approved by federal regulations allows for the use of clinical data routinely exchanged in care transition to fuel quality measurement.
By 02:00 pm February 08, 2018
Last year one in eight patients switched providers, and nearly 40 percent said it was because of a poor experience. Patients now have the same expectations of customer service from healthcare providers that they have from non-healthcare companies. If you want to successfully retain patients and increase loyalty, you need to address patients...
By Zebra 01:00 pm February 06, 2018
Hospitals around the globe are investing in mobile computers and it’s redefining the way healthcare is delivered. Zebra commissioned three global research studies focused on nurse managers, IT executives and recently hospitalized patients to better understand the role of technology in acute care hospitals.
By Intel 01:00 pm December 12, 2017
Population health records carry a wealth of data that can be used to help clinicians understand patterns in patient behavior that suggest an opportunity for an intervention. The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs has developed systems that are determining the best way to alert clinicians of an opportunity for a beneficial intervention. The system...
By 01:00 pm December 12, 2017
Internet of Things (IoT) is vastly changing the way that healthcare organizations look at security. The IoT healthcare landscape is comprised of multitudes of devices connected to healthcare networks, being accessed by thousands of patients, employees, clinicians, and contractors.  When tackling device security, you first need complete...
By 01:00 pm December 07, 2017
In healthcare organizations, risks to protected health information (PHI) are driving demand for new security tools that enable compliance. Where physicians and hospital staffers use unmanaged BYO devices to access health records from risky unsecured networks, healthcare firms need to carefully evaluate their security postures. 

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