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Mohit Tiwari 2016 Privacy & Security Forum
By Eric Bailey 09:38 pm May 28, 2016
Mohit Tiwari says it's not so much the quality of encryption technology that makes healthcare data vulnerable to cyberattacks, but user error and application security in the industry.
Venky Anant 2016 Privacy & Security Forum
By Eric Bailey 07:16 am May 27, 2016
(SPONSORED) Venky Anant, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, discusses how the digitization of the healthcare industry has spawned the emergence of advanced cybersecurity threats to health systems and patient data.
Robert Lord of Protenus
By Eric Bailey 09:58 pm May 26, 2016
(SPONSORED) Robert Lord, Co-Founder and CEO of Protenus, details his company's innovative solutions for health data security and opines on the future of cyberattacks and how to prepare for them.
Michael Magrath Privacy & Security Forum 2016
By Eric Bailey 09:21 pm May 26, 2016
(SPONSORED) "Aside from the DEA for E-prescribing of controlled substances, there really aren't any mandates around using anything stronger than a user name and password," says Michael Magrath. Recorded at the 2016 Privacy & Security Forum in Los Angeles.
Adam Brand of Protiviti
By Eric Bailey 04:20 pm May 26, 2016
(SPONSORED) Adam Brand, Director of IT Security and Compliance at Protiviti, discusses how healthcare organizations can proactively fend off cyberattacks by "hunting for hackers."
Mansur Hasib 2016 Privacy & Security Forum
By Eric Bailey 12:42 pm May 26, 2016
"It's the behavior of people that determine the ultimate cybersecurity of any organization," says Mansur Hasib in this clip from the 2016 Privacy & Security Forum in Los Angeles.
Kevin Johnson on cybersecurity at HIMSS16
By Healthcare IT News 01:49 pm March 16, 2016
Kevin Johnson, CEO and Security Consultant at Secure Ideas, explains why cybersecurity is considered a top priority in healthcare and why it should be thought of as an integral part of health IT and not a separate component.
By Eric Bailey 10:16 pm February 21, 2016
Carla Smith, Executive Vice President at HIMSS, highlights the major themes at the upcoming HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, including the the value of health IT and cybersecurity. Watch more video coverage of HIMSS16
By Eric Bailey 04:02 pm February 17, 2016
Elli Riley, Director for Events and Meeting Services at HIMSS, offers a brief overview of what attendees at HIMSS16 can expect from educational sessions to the expansive exhibit floor. Watch more video coverage of HIMSS16
Education session at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition
By Eric Bailey 08:58 am February 09, 2016
JoAnn Klinedinst, Vice President of Professional Development at HIMSS, previews the topics and approach for education sessions at HIMSS16 and how attendees can access content online after the conference in the newly redesigned Learning Center.

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