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By Microsoft 12:47 pm June 07, 2017
In response to the current threat landscape, the Windows 10 architecture has evolved dramatically. As this infographic shows, rather than merely building bigger walls, it's locking out cybercriminals with modern, comprehensive protection.
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By Microsoft 12:36 pm June 07, 2017
Unlike pre-breach, post-breach leverages the attacker's need to perform multiple actions after the initial breach. This allows security teams to identify, investigate and respond to attacks that would otherwise stay undetected and below the radar.
By 01:00 pm May 24, 2017
The headline story of the threat landscape in 2016 was the explosive growth of ransomware and the massive email campaigns that distributed it to healthcare organizations around the world, disrupting care capability and causing direct financial losses.
By 03:00 pm May 23, 2017
With the increasing complexity of cyberattacks, a focus on intrusion prevention and detection is not enough to stay ahead of "the bad guys". Just as every person deals with illness at some point in their lives, every organization is sure to experience a security breach.
By 04:43 pm May 05, 2017
The average cost of a healthcare related hack was $2.2M in 2016 and the frequency and economic impact of data breaches continues to rise. Life threatening errors in record, identity theft, and lawsuits are just a few of effects of a breach.
By Cisco 01:00 pm April 27, 2017
In this session, Michael Archuleta, the Director of Information Technology; HIPAA & Information Security Officer at Mt. San Rafael Hospital, will share his strategy for protecting a healthcare enterprise against attack.
By 03:32 pm April 24, 2017
The shortcomings of compliance - as threats and the landscape evolve, how do you keep pace? Here are 3 things to watch.
By 03:28 pm April 24, 2017
Health IT organizations must think about the big picture of health care’s future because reactive, short-term IT strategies will likely limit innovation, slow change and cost more in the long run.
By 03:27 pm April 24, 2017
HIMSS Analytics Survey sheds light on where we've been, where we stand - and where we're headed.
By 12:00 pm April 18, 2017
Learn how healthcare providers have been able to support the growing demands of big data applications that support population health initiatives using a scalable cloud architecture. This webinar will show you the steps that are working to provide healthcare analytics teams with the responsive performance in a secure environment.

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