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Presence Health HIPAA suit
By Bernie Monegain 09:56 am January 10, 2017
The Office for Civil Rights said the Presence suit marks the first HIPAA enforcement action it imposed on a provider for lack of timely breach notification.
pitfalls avoid cloud contracts
By Bernie Monegain 08:04 am January 10, 2017
John Houston cautions that healthcare entities need to make sure they address downtime, data rights and security when putting together contracts with cloud-based services providers.
By Jessica Davis 11:45 am January 09, 2017
Four experts discuss the lessons the healthcare industry learned the hard way this past year – and the need for much stronger security measures in 2017.
medical device security HIMSS17
By Jack McCarthy 07:30 am January 09, 2017
The pre-conference, day-long event will feature an update on fast-changing regulatory policy and practices for medical device cybersecurity.
By Chris Nerney 07:07 am January 09, 2017
Mayo Clinic IT managers suggest identifying practical solutions, then instituting governance and change management policies around identity management. 
By Jessica Davis 05:44 pm January 06, 2017
The organization was infected with Harak1r1 the 0.2 Bitcoin Ransomware, which completely wipes data from the hacked database instead of traditional encryption.
By Susan Morse 02:55 pm January 06, 2017
The hacker who targeted Anthem in early 2015, exposing more than 78 million customer records in one of the largest healthcare breaches ever, was acting on behalf of a foreign government.
IoT security Ascension

Ascension Information Services Senior Director of IT Eric Miller said healthcare providers have to ratchet up security efforts without inhibiting the speed of technology advancement. 

By Jessica Davis 07:19 am January 05, 2017
Eric Miller runs Ascension’s software-defined networking automation that enables secure connectivity to support Internet of Things and other technology advances - using methods that he says can advance the impact of IoT.
By Jessica Davis 11:57 am January 04, 2017
A white hat hacker says he notified DoD subcontractor Potomac Healthcare on Dec. 29, but the files remained online for more than an hour after the initial warning.
hackers Topol New York Times
By Mike Miliard 11:02 am January 03, 2017
Eric Topol and Kathryn Haun make the case for keeping medical data in personal clouds or digital wallets, empowering patients and removing centralized targets for cybercrooks, in a New York Times op-ed piece.

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