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WSU hard drive theft potentially impacts 1 million people
By Jessica Davis 11:08 am June 19, 2017
A safe containing a hard drive with the backup of the university’s Social and Economic Sciences Research Center was stolen in April.
By Jessica Davis 01:03 pm June 16, 2017
The healthcare administrative services and IT provider took over a year to notify 220,000 individuals of a breach to its website. HHS is determining if it’s a HIPAA-covered business associate.
Greg Touhill

Greg Touhill, former US CISO, testifies at congressional hearing on Thursday.

By Jessica Davis 10:44 am June 16, 2017
Greg Touhill left the position in February after the Trump transition. The President has left the position, which Obama rated in 2016, thus far vacant.
securing email
By Bill Siwicki 10:28 am June 16, 2017
Spam filters are one thing, but if a hacker takes over an e-mail domain, spoofing and phishing can become precise and dangerous. But there are tools available that can help.
By Gus Venditto 04:16 pm June 15, 2017
The ride-sharing service is charged with defaming a woman and obtaining her records without authorization.
WannaCry more attacks coming
By Jessica Davis 12:59 pm June 15, 2017
More attacks are coming and they will be much worse, Greg Touhill and other security experts told a House Science subcommittee.
WannaCry ransomware north korea
By Jessica Davis 11:36 am June 15, 2017
The National Security Agency said that tactics, techniques and targets of the massive ransowmare assault point to North Korea’s spy agency: the Reconnaissance General Bureau
Warning: Millions of devices are still vulnerable to WannaCry
By Jessica Davis 01:59 pm June 14, 2017
About 15 percent of healthcare organizations are running on outdated systems or browsers, while 160 million computers, IoT devices and servers still have open ports, studies found.
Is your hospital hacker bait?
By Bill Siwicki 12:56 pm June 14, 2017
Device cybersecurity, cyber-hygiene and risk management can ensure attackers are repelled by your systems.
By Gus Venditto 07:23 am June 14, 2017
Memories of the May WannaCry attacks have started to fade but the threat to healthcare systems is not going away. In fact, while the risk has been seen mostly in IT administrative systems and EHRs, many believe that the threat to medical devices is even greater.

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