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By Jessica Davis 01:03 pm June 30, 2017
While the compromised computer was both locked and encrypted, the forensic investigation team couldn’t determine with certainty if there was unauthorized access to patient data during the April 21 attack.
managing healthcare risk

Bob Chaput, CEO of Clearwater Compliance

By Bill Siwicki 12:10 pm June 30, 2017
Privacy and security lapses can quickly become professional liability and medical malpractice risks if healthcare organizations aren’t prepared.
prevent security breaches
By Bill Siwicki 09:20 am June 30, 2017
One-third of businesses have suffered an insider-caused breach, with potential losses from each incident surpassing $5 million, according to the State of Cybersecurity Report from cybersecurity firm Forcepoint. No matter how you slice it, the human factor quite often rears its head when there’s a breach.
By Jessica Davis 03:35 pm June 29, 2017
Amid rumors of a potential connection between the major security firm and the Russian government, a recent senate bill draft includes a ban on the use of Kaspersky products at the Department of Defense.
petya cyberattack ransomware
By Jessica Davis 12:52 pm June 29, 2017
Meanwhile, researchers have confirmed NotPetya isn’t ransomware, and instead, hackers masked the virus with ransom to dictate the media narrative and hide the real intent: disruption and destruction of data.
WannaCry ransomware
By Bill Siwicki 12:02 pm June 29, 2017
A new survey points to improved password practices, and a cybersecurity expert has password advice for healthcare CIOs and CISOs.
artificial intelligence information security
By Bill Siwicki 10:00 am June 29, 2017
Though not a silver bullet, AI and machine learning can augment security systems to better identify malicious activity and prevent cybercrime, experts say.
ransomware attack
By Jessica Davis 04:21 pm June 28, 2017
By adding a local, read-only file, users can block a potential Petya attack. But unlike WannaCry, researchers haven’t found a permanent way to stop the spread of the virus.
combat spear-phishing
By Bill Siwicki 02:53 pm June 28, 2017
The Sentinel system is designed to grab spear-phishing e-mails and social communications before they reach targeted employees. The system comes with APIs for various channels.
Microsoft ransomware attack
By Jessica Davis 11:52 am June 28, 2017
Company says at least a portion of the infections stemmed from a software supply-chain attack with a legitimate MEDoc updater process.

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