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Ransomware attack on hospitals, big pharma

Photograph by Armin Kübelbeck via Wikimedia Commons

By Bill Siwicki 10:49 am July 11, 2017
Since they all face the same risks, it only makes sense that they share their defense strategies.
By Mike Miliard 02:37 pm July 10, 2017
What summer lull? Headlines keep coming as the industry evolves.
NotPetya cyberattack
By Jessica Davis 01:59 pm July 10, 2017
Functionality of the Dragon Practice Edition, eScription LH and RH platforms are almost back to normal, as the voice and language tool provider continues to work to restore its software.
cybersecurity threats
By Tom Sullivan 01:13 pm July 07, 2017
Petya is only one of the issues hospital IT, privacy and compliance pros should understand this month.
WannaCry ransomware
By Bill Siwicki 10:58 am July 07, 2017
As attack surfaces become more common across various industries, the fact that this tactic has already worked elsewhere means hospitals can use the best practice too.

Chris Clark is the principal security engineer at Synopsys and Jennifer Geisler is vice president of marketing at ForeScout.

By Bill Siwicki 10:51 am July 06, 2017
Infosec pros share tips on working with device manufacturers as well as questions that hospitals need to be answering now.
Indiana Medicaid data breach
By Tom Sullivan 02:47 pm July 05, 2017
A report with personal information was accessible via a live hyperlink thereby leaving medical data viewable to the public.
data breach recovery
By Bernie Monegain 02:19 pm July 05, 2017
Average cost per lost or stolen record is less for organizations employing BCM, group finds.
hospital cyberattacks
By Bill Siwicki 09:47 am July 05, 2017
There is a significant gap between threats organizations face and their readiness to address those in a timely or effective manner.
Petya cyberattack
By Jessica Davis 02:43 pm June 30, 2017
Princeton Community Hospital fell victim to the global NotPetya attack on Tuesday and plans to replace the corrupted network with a newly built system.

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