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Memorial Hermann HIPAA violation
By Susan Morse 03:25 pm May 10, 2017
Patient was arrested for showing a fake Social Security card, but Texas health system was still held liable for releasing name.  
HIPAA breach fines
By Tom Sullivan and Jessica Davis 09:51 am May 10, 2017
There has to be a more sustainable way to get hospitals to put information security controls in place than taking millions out of operating budgets.
breach alert
By Tom Sullivan 02:00 pm May 09, 2017
Harrisburg Gastroenterology said suspicious system activity triggered discovery that an unauthorized person could have accessed patient data.
Vendor error New York hospital
By Bill Siwicki 12:42 pm May 09, 2017
Cause of  Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center breach tied to misconfigured rsync backup that was managed by iHealth Innovations.
By Bill Siwicki 10:47 am May 09, 2017
Barracuda survey finds the bulk of users are relying on third parties to safeguard their files.
By Mike Miliard 02:40 pm May 08, 2017
While meeting demands set by cybercriminals may solve the problem short-term, the FBI director tells hospitals it will come back to haunt them.
malware campaign REDLEAVES
By Jessica Davis 01:47 pm May 08, 2017
Variants masked as legitimate, existing monitoring tools can gain full network and data access of the victim.
phishing threats in healthcare
By Bill Siwicki 02:52 pm May 05, 2017
THA’s cybersecurity awareness program hopes to better prepare hospitals to fend off hackers focused on healthcare.

TheDarkOverlord has a history of using Twitter to shame breached organizations. Photo via @Twitter

By Jessica Davis 02:33 pm May 05, 2017
The hacker had warned Aesthetic Dentistry and OC Gastrocare in 2016 to pay to keep the records private, but the extortion attempt failed.
iphone mobile breach
By Bill Siwicki 01:09 pm May 04, 2017
And physicians, nurses, executives and other healthcare staff are all carrying devices that are easily lost or stolen.

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