Precision Medicine

By Bill Siwicki 07:07 am October 14, 2016
Healthcare IT News asks HIT professionals to take part in an important new survey that will study the place of EHRs, cybersecurity, population health, Big Data and more in the year ahead.  
NIH brain neural dust
By Bernie Monegain 11:57 am October 13, 2016
New National Institutes of Health funding will go toward neural dust, autism, Alzheimer’s, stroke and brain-related conditions.
Precision Medicine Geisinger Partners

Eric Dishman, director of the PMI Cohort Program, wants to recruit a million people for precision medicine.

By Bernie Monegain 11:42 am October 13, 2016
The National Institutes invests a new $5.5 million to start recruitment and build the infrastructure.
ReadCoor, spins from Harvard after pulling in $23M in first round of funding

George Church invented and developed FISSEQ, a gene imaging platform.

By Bernie Monegain 10:50 am October 04, 2016
Startup has developed imaging platform for gaining insight into cancer, infectious diseases, cognitive disorders and more.
HHS genentic sequencing platform

BARDA acting director Richard Hatchett, MD, said that the technology would enable faster diagnoses to help clinicians determine the right treatment.

By Bernie Monegain 11:25 am October 03, 2016
Health and Human Service Department said it is working with DNA Electronics on technology to determine genetic code within four hours to enable a faster and more accurate public health response to pandemic influenza and antibiotic-resistant infections.
Obama National Health IT Week
By Healthcare IT News 09:37 am September 26, 2016
"During National Health IT Week, we recommit ourselves to improving the health of our citizenry using the breakthrough technologies of our time and reaching for the next frontier of innovation," said Obama.

(Photo: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)

By Jessica Davis 11:50 am September 23, 2016
A portion of the funding will develop Biohub, a new research facility that will connect the University of California San Francisco, UC Berkeley and Stanford University.
athenahealth eClinicalWorks Cerner EHR

Cerner President Zane Burke, athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush and eClinicalWorks CEO Girish Navani. 

By Tom Sullivan 07:03 am September 23, 2016
athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush, eClinicalWorks Founder Girish Navani and Cerner President Zane Burke talk about expanding their technology platforms and, in so doing, shedding a certain three-letter acronym.
Microsoft artificial intelligence cancer

Building 17 on Microsoft's corporate campus in Redmond, Washington. 

By Tom Sullivan 03:07 pm September 20, 2016
The software giant joins rivals IBM and Google in putting supercomputing to work on cancer research and treatment. 
IBM MIT machine vision

Guru Banavar, left, chief science officer of cognitive computing at IBM Research and Professor James DiCarlo, head of MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:08 am September 20, 2016
The organizations are building a research laboratory for brain-inspired machine comprehension to develop systems that mimic certain human abilities.

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