Patient Engagement

By 02:37 pm August 30, 2017
Automating IT processes helps organizations meet increasing business demands. By implementing network virtualization with automation, empowered IT teams can stay on pace with expectations. Here, learn several ways to accelerate application delivery.
By 02:35 pm August 30, 2017
This case study shows how a critical safety-net hospital realized the most advanced security posture for sharing medical data via a patient portal, met NIST compliance regulations, and prepared for increased use of connected medical devices.
By 02:30 pm August 30, 2017
Healthcare pros need immediate, anytime-anywhere access to patient info and medical data. This brief shows how to connect mobile devices and virtual desktops to the network, yet prevent threats from expanding past the endpoint into the data center.
By 02:27 pm August 30, 2017
A recent study shows that the cost of a security breach averages about $355 USD per record. Multiply that by around 29,000, the average number of records breached, and it's easy to see why protecting your ePHI has never been a higher priority.
By 02:25 pm August 30, 2017
Mercy Health Systems sought to better manage corporate and personal devices, especially among clinicians. This report shows how they created a robust and secure mobile infrastructure, with increased transparency and flow of information to patients.
By 02:22 pm August 30, 2017
This case study explores the impact potential modern mobile platforms are beginning to have in facilitating patient involvement in the care process, as well as enabling experiences in the healthcare industry that were previously inconceivable.
By 02:00 pm July 18, 2017
When patients become more engaged with their care, not only is there greater potential to improve outcomes, providers benefit from having a better relationship with patients. Everyone in the care continuum from clinicians to administrators to financial staff can reap rewards.
By 02:00 pm July 13, 2017
Doctors, providers and administrators all strive for better patient outcomes. Discover how pre-built SmartLists are enabling patients to become more involved in their healthcare and treatment leading to better patient outcomes and experiences.
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By Intel 10:24 am June 27, 2017
Though the original motivation may remain the same, the methods and technologies that enable patient engagement are changing. This theme showed up strongly throughout HIMSS17. In fact, perhaps "engagement" itself has even become an inadequate term. As seen in this eBook, "personalization" and "empowerment" may be...
By 01:00 pm June 19, 2017
Equipped with smartphones, tablets, wearables and IoT devices, today’s connected patient wants to be able to engage digitally – anytime, anywhere – to manage every aspect of their health. A dramatically different healthcare customer experience is now expected.

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