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By Healthcare IT News 01:35 pm May 19, 2014
Is inefficient patient flow distressing your bottom-line and quality of care? Discover how Beaufort Memorial Hospital improved its patient flow and impacted its bottom-line. In this whitepaper, we discuss key industry issues such as 30-day readmissions, reimbursements, The Joint Commission’s patient-flow requirements, and more. We will review...
By Healthcare IT News 01:19 pm May 19, 2014
Download the whitepaper to learn how Valley Regional Hospital improved their IT costs and increased their uptime to 99.5 percent with a Hosted IT solution. Not only were they able to reduce spikes in their IT spending but at the same time comply with the latest technology and regulatory requirements. Learn how to evaluate on-premise versus off-...
By Healthcare IT News 01:02 pm December 17, 2013
Connecting patient health data across the care continuum is essential to achieve improved care, increased access to personal health records and lowered costs. A successful approach rests in having the hospital serve as the connectivity hub for bringing patients, care givers and healthcare professionals together in a secure, online environment....
By Healthcare IT News 12:43 pm December 17, 2013
You probably have several goals for your patient portal of choice. Is “community” one of them? With a bevy of vendors offering portal solutions, it can be challenging for a hospital to know where to start. Fortunately, YourCareCommunity helps ease the decision-making process.
By Healthcare IT News 09:53 am November 27, 2013
Since 2009, Regional Obstetrical Consultants (ROC) has operated the Solutions to Obstetrics in Rural Counties (STORC) project, a telemedicine program that delivers care in rural areas to women with at-risk pregnancies who would otherwise have little or no access to greatly needed, high-risk care. Learn how the physicians at ROC have implemented a...
By Healthcare IT News 11:41 am November 04, 2013
A visual look at ITaaS transformation. Get an inside look at the potential gains the healthcare industry can make to improve services delivery at lower cost.
By Healthcare IT News 11:37 am November 04, 2013
Learn how Saint Luke’s is transforming IT into a service provider, improving clinical and business applications delivery, and cutting storage costs in half.
By Healthcare IT News 11:33 am November 04, 2013
ITaaS provides healthcare organizations with the ability to lower operational costs, restructure from capital to operating expenses, and improve service levels. This white paper offers best practices regarding the technology infrastructure, business processes, and IT organizational structure to help healthcare providers maximize the value and...
By Healthcare IT News 01:44 pm October 09, 2013
Many healthcare organizations are recognizing the need for a more efficient and effective approach for addressing the HIPAA Security and Privacy rules, and other evolving compliance and security challenges. This paper explores one such solution: unified security monitoring. Unified security monitoring goes well beyond simplifying and automating...
By Healthcare IT News 02:26 pm October 02, 2013
Within the wide scope of use for wireless communications, the ability to use radio frequency for identification and location tracking has become very prevalent. This white paper provides a look into how RTLS is helping hospitals save money and how early adopters have paved the way for a widespread acceptance.

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