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By 01:20 pm May 16, 2016
To better understand how value-based purchasing is influencing hospital IT decision-making, executives from health systems, hospitals, and clinics were surveyed. Research Findings: Clinical Communication Strategy Is Key to Supporting Value-Based Care
By 07:02 pm May 06, 2016
With healthcare information now residing in the cloud and accessed by various devices and applications, web-based attacks have become increasingly pervasive. This webinar can help you take proactive steps to address the evolving threat landscape.
By 11:54 am April 25, 2016
Safeguarding protected health information (PHI) requires a dynamic process capable of handling such changing requirements as: new clinical device form factors; cloud technology architecture; and both patient- and professional-facing mobile apps.
By 11:19 am April 25, 2016
The discipline of security cannot be encompassed by a single product or policy. Organizations must assemble a combination of technologies, procedures and qualified personnel as part of a dynamic and agile ongoing process.
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By 09:23 am February 29, 2016
Reliable, secure network connectivity supports today's critical priorities for healthcare providers; enhancing patient care outcomes and improving operational efficiencies and boosting financial returns.
By Healthcare IT News 01:08 pm January 15, 2016
Kelsey-Seybold in Houston, TX deployed a cost-effective solution to secure the remote access of their physicians in their 19 clinics and to meet and exceed HIPAA compliance.
By Healthcare IT News 01:05 pm January 15, 2016
The primacy of healthcare cyber security has challenges unique to the industry. See how Adaptive Authentication helps solve healthcare access control challenges that will lead to stronger ePHI protection and safer patient care.
By Healthcare IT News 08:32 am January 15, 2016
It’s not just the rules for HIPAA that have changed. When it comes to securing ePHI, federal law requires covered entities and their business associates to be both aware of data breach risks and to proactively manage them.
By Healthcare IT News 01:23 pm November 20, 2015
Today's organizations want more agility and capacity without increasing management time or costs. This solutions brief shows how a hybrid environment builds on existing investments, allowing you to incorporate new innovations at your own pace.
By Healthcare IT News 11:41 am October 15, 2015
The healthcare industry is an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals. The more difficult organizations make their systems to breach, the less likely it is they will be a target. Learn how web security is key in healthcare IT programs.

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