By 03:10 pm September 22, 2016
Discover the answers to key questions that Healthcare professionals must consider when building a network that maintains industry needs and creates new possibilities for management, patient and family experience, and patient outcomes.
By 03:04 pm September 22, 2016
Clinical care environments in hospitals are heavily reliant on technology. The growing dependency on devices & applications for workflow has turned hospital LAN & WLAN networks into a complex & critical infrastructure for supporting patient services.
By 11:21 am September 09, 2016
The more engaged patients are in managing their own care, the better their health outcomes and the more positive their experience.  Here are 10 tips for putting technology to work to achieve your engagement goals.
By 11:53 am August 29, 2016
How and when a healthcare practice responds to a data breach can mean the difference between a simple security incident and long-term brand and financial damage. Adding to the complexity is the trend toward mobile devices and mobile care.
By 11:43 am August 29, 2016
With a host of new data protection regulations and increasingly high settlement fees for data breaches, data security has never been more important to healthcare organizations, especially as they deploy significant mobile solutions.
By 11:17 am August 29, 2016
The right IT products can ensure the safe, effective and seamless delivery of a high-quality healthcare experience. This report details how to distinguish and select the notebooks, tablets and hybrid devices that play a critical role in patient care.
By 04:30 pm August 16, 2016
The adoption of value-based care has created great opportunities for mobile technology to improve clinical outcomes. Mobile apps, for example, connect patients with providers, but they also expand the reach of care for patients, especially in the area of telehealth. 
By 01:01 pm August 15, 2016
Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship between you and your patient. Preserving the context of previous interactions across all channel is key.  How many communication channels are you being asked to use by your patients? 
By 03:25 pm August 05, 2016
Healthcare workforces need a secure mobile platform that can enable them to be more efficient with their workflow.
By 02:00 pm August 02, 2016
Secure messaging is more than just a requirement under Meaningful Use, it’s an important way to improve communication between physicians and patients. And as part of a clinical workflow, it plays a crucial role in improving patient engagement and streamlining care coordination.

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