Jonathan Bush athenahealth
By Jonathan Bush 12:35 pm January 30, 2017
athenahealth’s CEO said that hospital executives should stop tolerating software that users hate and, instead, demand a new set of core competencies from their technology vendors. And he pointed to Waze, Google and Kayak as examples to emulate. 

Chart courtesy of DirectTrust (more here).

By Mike Miliard 01:34 pm January 27, 2017
DirectTrust CEO David Kibbe, MD, says the platform is helping connect 'hundreds of different vendors' EHR, PHR and other IT products,' as clinicians are coming up with new and innovative ways to use it.
Regenstrief open source DeDupIT

Brian Dixon, of the Regenstrief Institute, said that tools to manage the flow of patient data are critical as health information exchanges continues gaining steam. 

By Diana Manos 10:06 am January 25, 2017
Brian Dixon highlights the promise of DeDupIT for consolidating CDAs by removing duplicate records then producing a single document. 

Christiana CISO Anahi Santiago said the system is a now practicing a cloud-first strategy that enables innovation but also requires new and different work of her team. 

By Mike Miliard 08:45 am January 25, 2017
Christiana Care CISO Anahi Santiago demands cloud vendors show her ISO or HITRUST certification, a review of SOC II as well as policies and procedures, summaries of penetration and vulnerability assessment and more.
interoperability redox

Redox founders Niko Skievaski, president; Luke Bonney, CEO; and James Lloyd, CTO.

By Bernie Monegain 10:44 am January 24, 2017
The company said the investment will help advance its secure network of integrated apps and health systems.
Mostashari value based care
By Farzad Mostashari, MD 01:11 pm January 20, 2017
Former National Coordinator for Health IT: "Even though EHRs have proliferated, we have yet to achieve the interoperability, usability and full utility of them."
patient centered care coordination

MiHIN executive director Tim Pletcher (right). Credit: Michigan Medicine via YouTube.

By John Andrews 08:47 am January 16, 2017
Michigan Health Information Network executive director Tim Pletcher says that effectively linking patients to providers starts with a dynamic health directory. 

John Brumsted, MD

By Bernie Monegain 12:08 pm January 13, 2017
The University of Vermont Medical Center filed a certificate of need, or CON application, with the state of Vermont Jan. 3, seeking approval to create a unified electronic health record system across four hospitals in the University of Vermont Health Network.

Monroe Pattillo’s leadership in several IHE Patient Care Device Domain areas have contributed significantly to improving interoperability.

By Bernie Monegain 02:48 pm January 12, 2017
The technical specifications developed under Patillo’s leadership are expected to make a significant impact on patient care and organizational performance.
Health information exchange
By Mike Miliard 03:17 pm January 11, 2017
Can one model for health data exchange emerge from the diverse HIE ecosystem that exists now?  

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