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By 3M 09:43 am February 21, 2017
CMS is moving aggressively to shift healthcare payments towards value-based payment models. How do hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) affect reimbursement for health systems and physicians? What are best practices for accurately capturing HCCs?
By 09:27 am February 13, 2017
This podcast episode, part two of this three-part series, we gain an insider’s view on the give-and-take between policy and public health with Nedra Garrett, Senior Advisor for Informatics at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
By Healthcare IT News 04:09 pm June 16, 2014
Much of the news surrounding healthcare in recent years has centered on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which radically changes the way healthcare is provided to millions of Americans. Care providers, compliance officers, and legal departments are all too aware that the ACA is only the latest in a series of legislation and regulations to affect the...
By Healthcare IT News 10:48 am March 11, 2014
For health insurers, data integrity and visibility are key to successful integration with the Federal Marketplace. However, complex processes and trivial errors can lead to data gaps that impact revenue, profitability and member satisfaction. Adopting a standarized approach to data integrity early in the process is critical to succesfully adapting...
By Healthcare IT News 09:53 am November 27, 2013
Since 2009, Regional Obstetrical Consultants (ROC) has operated the Solutions to Obstetrics in Rural Counties (STORC) project, a telemedicine program that delivers care in rural areas to women with at-risk pregnancies who would otherwise have little or no access to greatly needed, high-risk care. Learn how the physicians at ROC have implemented a...
By Healthcare IT News 10:17 am November 04, 2013
Federal mandates, the adoption of health information systems and consumerism are driving the demand for and helping to create more health information – to the tune of thousands of petabytes. Big data is growing more complex as it encompasses greater variety, velocity and volume. Healthcare providers and payers, healthcare and life science...
By Healthcare IT News 11:23 am October 21, 2013
Iron Mountain has prepared this primer to help you navigate the changes in HIPAA, clarify the role of vendors and other third parties, and heighten your awareness of best practices that will aid in compliance and improve the management of both paper and electronic health records.
By Healthcare IT News 04:32 pm July 23, 2013
The threat of million dollar penalties from increasingly enforced HIPAA regulations is making Healthcare Organizations take notice and reevaluate their patient information security infrastructure. Watch this recorded webcast to see how your organization can reduce the risk and learn how HIPAA have enhanced the enforceability of the penalties for...
By Healthcare IT News 04:30 pm July 23, 2013
The threat of fines and decrees for noncompliance with HIPAA regulations has become real and palpable, resulting in covered entities and business associates increasing IT security spending, attempting to ward off costly compliance audits. Read this Gartner report to learn about the impact this has on healthcare organizations and the...
By Healthcare IT News 10:16 am May 23, 2013
Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange service features all the mission critical enterprise-class communication and collaboration capabilities of an in-house solution without the unpredictable costs and management headaches. With flexible customization options, healthcare organizations can seamlessly move to a cloud-based solution without compromising...

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