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ONC interoperability FHIR

National Coordinator Vindell Washington said ONC is working to establish a platform on top of which others can innovate.

By Jonah Comstock 03:07 pm December 14, 2016
National Coordinator Vindell Washington said unlocking health data is the mission and he showed off FHIR-based technologies doing exactly that. 
PCORI depression asthma cancer

PCORI Executive Director Joe Selby, MD. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:24 am December 14, 2016
The projects will delve into palliative care, depression, asthma, pediatric cancer as well as patient-centered outcomes.
patients EHR interoperability surescripts

Surescripts CEO Tom Skelton said that while patients are more active in their care, the system is still unsatisfying.

By Bernie Monegain 09:38 am December 14, 2016
A new survey reveals that patients want more connected healthcare, easier access to their records and more than half have tried to compile their own medical records.
Obama 21st Century Cures


By Jessica Davis 09:24 am December 14, 2016
Vice President Biden joined the president in signing the bill, which passed through Congress with overwhelming approval.

“The Affordable Care Act gave us tools to build a better healthcare system that protects patients, improves quality and makes the most of our healthcare dollars and those tools are generating results,” said HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell, in a statement.

By 11:20 am December 13, 2016
New HHS report shows hospital-acquired conditions dropped 21 percent, while adverse events were reduced by 3 million over five years.

"Alcohol and other substance use disorder treatment lags far behind the rest of healthcare in the deployment of electronic health records," according to NIH.

By Jessica Davis 01:24 pm December 09, 2016
The National Institutes of Health is challenging biotech researchers to build a wearable device that can measure blood alcohol in real-time, and it will offer funding for researchers who find out how to better use electronic health record data for alcohol treatment.
Albert Einstein Montefiore NIH

Researchers Elizabeth Walker (left) and Judith Wylie-Rosett are on a mission to improve the health of people with diabetes.

By Bernie Monegain 10:32 am December 09, 2016
The providers will create a new facility to employ interventions tailored to the specific patient population, along with an initiative to reduce obesity.
Flow Health Alan Meshkin

Flow Health CEO Alex Meshkin

By Tom Sullivan 07:29 am December 09, 2016
Alex Meshkin explains the emerging company's plan to let the VA's 22 million patient records data speak for itself, and then tackle disease problems based on what it tells them.
CMS Innovation Center CMMI
By Susan Morse 07:14 am December 09, 2016
CMMI said one model will test a four-step process to integrate shared decision-making into clinical practice while the other focuses on shared decision-making outside the doctor’s office. 
OCR HIPAA audits on-site

Senior advisor Linda Sanches said that OCR is using the audits to find risks and vulnerabilities that might not otherwise know about. 

By Tom Sullivan 11:52 am December 07, 2016
HHS Office for Civil Rights said the chances of getting audited are slim, but officials offered advice about what they're looking for when they do conduct an assessment.

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