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GE healthcare new tech in Egyptian hospitals
By Bernie Monegain 11:11 am May 11, 2017
More than 400 pieces of technology have already been distributed to hospitals across the country.
Patient matching strategy supported by Congress
By Gus Venditto 04:06 pm May 10, 2017
A directive to HHS calls for a national standard on how patients are matched with their health records.

HHS Secretary Tom Price hosting a listening session on prescription drug costs on May 8. Photo via Twitter

By Kaiser Health News 12:22 pm May 10, 2017
Memo from HHS Secretary Tom Price's chief of staff instructed employees not to have "any communications" with Congress, staff without approval.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

By Jessica Davis 11:01 am May 10, 2017
Scott Gottlieb and Gopal Khanna round out the most recent government hires to head the agencies most important to health IT.
HIPAA breach fines
By Tom Sullivan and Jessica Davis 09:51 am May 10, 2017
There has to be a more sustainable way to get hospitals to put information security controls in place than taking millions out of operating budgets.
No women shaping Senate healthcare bill

President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers gathered in the White House Rose Garden on May 4 to celebrate passage of the House bill to replace Obamacare. Now the Senate goes to work on its version of the bill with a working group of 13 men. White House photo.

By Bernie Monegain 01:14 pm May 09, 2017
There are 13 men working on the new bill while Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins is writing her own legislation.
Tell us: Which EHR should the Coast Guard choose?
By Tom Sullivan 03:08 pm May 08, 2017
The agency is evaluating options after a failed Epic implementation, and another off-the-shelf is the likely choice.
By Mike Miliard 02:40 pm May 08, 2017
While meeting demands set by cybercriminals may solve the problem short-term, the FBI director tells hospitals it will come back to haunt them.
malware campaign REDLEAVES
By Jessica Davis 01:47 pm May 08, 2017
Variants masked as legitimate, existing monitoring tools can gain full network and data access of the victim.
VA hospital links with statewide HIE to move vets beyond paper

Providence VA Medical Center

By Mike Miliard 12:33 pm May 08, 2017
Prior to the partnership, caregivers at Providence VAMC were often left in the dark about what care patients were getting from other providers in the community.

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