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Britian's Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt said that each trust will partner with an international healthcare organization to learn from its IT expertise.

By Mike Miliard 11:46 am September 15, 2016
As NHS seeks to modernize, HIMSS will help leading hospitals partner with international counterparts such as Mayo and Cleveland Clinic.
By Kaiser Health News 08:01 am September 15, 2016
Building on its experience with Ebola in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created CDC Emergency Response Teams (CERT) of epidemiologists analyze and study Zika. 
By Susan Morse 11:57 am September 14, 2016
Between 2010 and 2015, Medicare beneficiaries across all states avoided almost 104,000 readmissions, according to CMS data released Tuesday.
Triple Aim cost curve
By Tom Sullivan 10:11 am September 13, 2016
Pop Health Forum speakers said that the Triple Aim needs to be expanded to include improving the physician experience and educating consumers or the concept will never markedly reduce costs.

HRSA Acting Administrator Jim Macrae says the funding will boost AAP’s work with children, caregivers and community health centers. 

By Bernie Monegain 10:05 am September 09, 2016
AAP will put the funds toward technical assistance and education for clinicians and community health centers dealing with people infected with the virus.
visual hacking

Kate Borten, a Visual Privacy Advisory Council member and founder of The Marblehead Group, said that although training employees to protect against visual hacking is not required under HIPAA CISOs and CIOs should not overlook the threat. Photo courtesy of Kate Borten. 

By Jessica Davis 07:09 am September 09, 2016
Visual hacking’s low-tech nature flies under the radar of chief information security officers and chief privacy officers. But there are simple technology and physical fixes, Kate Borten of the Visual Privacy Advisory Council explains.
CMS Slavitt MACRA flexibility
By Susan Morse 06:50 pm September 08, 2016
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Acting Administrator outlines four new options that physician groups will have to comply with the law, avoid negative payment adjustments and, in certain cases, even qualify for a modest incentive payment.  
HHS Zika Moderna

Richard Hatchett, MD, acting director of BARDA, says the government is taking a three-pronged approach to fight Zika.

By Bernie Monegain 09:32 am September 08, 2016
The $8.2 million deal with Moderna aims to accelerate the development of vaccine technology and is expected to be faster than other approaches in developing vaccines.
LA Cerner population health

Cerner President Zane Burke said the company's HealtheIntent platform is designed to aggregate and normalize data from multiple sources. 

By Bernie Monegain 12:19 pm September 07, 2016
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, the second largest U.S municipal system, is growing its population health management platform with Cerner’s HealtheIntent technology.
Hillary Clinton HIMSS

Hillary Clinton said at HIMSS14 that progress in healthcare requires the right infrastructure, attitude, talent and regulatory environment.

By Bernie Monegain 11:29 am September 07, 2016
The Democratic Candidate for president on big data, evidence-based medicine, quality outcomes, transparency in the healthcare system, and more.

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