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A Google self-driving car. Source: Grendelkhan via Wikimedia

By Jack McCarthy 07:10 am September 22, 2016
Autonomous vehicles got a booster shot of credibility when federal regulators and issued guidance this week. But even before that, researchers were projecting that the emerging technology could reduce automobile-related injuries and deaths, as well as the big expenses they incur. 

Jonathan Bush, the CEO of athenahealth, said the vendor is working to address the lack of information sharing across the care continuum. 

By Bernie Monegain 10:21 am September 21, 2016
CEO Jonathan Bush said athenaInsight will mine the company’s network of providers and patients to determine what works at high-performing hospitals as well as the drivers of physician engagement and public health trends.
Health plans chronic care
By Kaiser Health News 09:43 am September 21, 2016
When CMS opened the chronic care management program, experts hailed its potential for population health and cost control. Since then, however, the initiative has encountered obstacles, the IRS and health plans now among those. 
ONC Vindell Washington interoperability
By Mike Miliard 01:44 pm September 20, 2016
The newly-minted National Coordinator for Health IT offered his thoughts on interoperability, quality reporting, privacy and security, EHR certification, innovation and more.
National Health IT Week 2016

The United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC, as seen from the east side. Source: Martin Falbisoner via Wikimedia. 

By Tom Sullivan 07:25 am September 20, 2016
A guide to the annual event taking place in Washington, DC next week, as well as virtual and live gatherings around the country. Topical and timely themes include precision medicine, telehealth, interoperability and population health. 
MACRA interoperability advancements

Kerry McDermott, vice president of public policy and communication at the Center for Medical Interoperability said the organization's recenlty released maturity model can be used to assess interoperability progress. 

By Diana Manos 07:11 am September 20, 2016
The Center for Medical Interoperability introduced a new maturity model and HIMSS publicly commented that focusing on technical interoperability is not enough in the industry-wide move toward value-based care and alternative payment models. 
Allscripts 2bPrecise precision medicine
By Jessica Davis 04:37 pm September 19, 2016
In an early-adopter program at the National Institutes of Health, the cloud-based genomics platform will be used to gauge how best to deliver precision medicine data to clinicians at the point of care.
By Jessica Davis 11:14 am September 19, 2016
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is launching a central data repository for public health agency and clinical data registry reporting.
Zika test infection

No approved commercial tests are available, and processing the emergency-use tests FDA temporarily authorized takes too long and raises concerns about accuracy. Researchers are working to change that process. 

By Kaiser Health News 09:30 am September 19, 2016
No approved commercial tests are available, and processing the emergency-use tests FDA temporarily authorized takes too long and raises concerns about accuracy. Researchers are working to streamline that process. 
HHS health center IT

Health Resources and Services Administration Acting Administrator Jim Macrae. 

By Mike Miliard 02:49 pm September 15, 2016
Money from MACRA, the first direct investment in health center IT since the days of HITECH, will go toward value-based care, data exchange, clinical decision support, patient engagement, and more.

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