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By Jessica Davis 10:32 am August 02, 2016
At the Disabled Veterans Convention in Atlanta the President eschewed ‘radical’ proposals alluded to by Donald Trump and touted the improvements made in VA healthcare.

"We see CPC+ as the future of primary care in the U.S. and are pleased to partner with payers across the country that are aligned in this mission to transform our health care system," said CMS Chief Medical Officer Patrick Conway, MD.

By Jeff Lagasse 10:15 am August 02, 2016
CMS innovation model aimed at as many as 5,000 primary care practices of all sizes, including small, independent and rural facilities.
Health Catalyst Patient-reported outcomes

Health Catalyst senior vice president Paul Horstmeier said Patient-Reported outcomes promise in how clinicians and patients measure success.

By Bernie Monegain 10:14 am August 02, 2016
The small percentage of hospitals already tapping into the CMS PROs are tracking chronic care management, surgical interventions, mental health and cancer treatments, the company found. And there is evidence more healthcare entities will get in the game in the future.  
Michigan Obama Precision Medicine
By Jack McCarthy 03:44 pm August 01, 2016
The U-M School of Public Health will collaborate with Vanderbilt University’s Data and Research Support Center to organize and analyze data for the effort. 
Clinton Trump RNC DNC
By Tom Sullivan 08:25 am August 01, 2016
The highlights of what candidates and their supporters said during the Republican and Democratic national conventions. 
MACRA IT payment model

iHealth Innovations chief growth officer Justin Barnes said the hospitals cannot simply throw technology at the new payment model. Instead, thriving under MACRA will take leadership and analytical thinking. 

By Diana Manos 07:21 am August 01, 2016
The regulation as it stands today is confusing. Don’t panic. Crush it instead. Experts share tips on how to make that happen. 
CDC Zika Florida

Tom Frieden, MD, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that a widespread outbreak of the Zika virus is unlikely because the Aedes species of mosquitoes don’t travel more than 150 meters in their life. 

By Jessica Davis 04:08 pm July 29, 2016
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden, MD said that Florida has aggressively sprayed mosquitos to control Zika and that the CDC is ready to deploy to the area if need be.
Hillary Clinton abortion gun

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said she is looking to repeal the 2nd Amendment and, instead, intends to work with responsible gun owners to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. Source: Gage Skidmore. 

By Tom Sullivan 02:30 pm July 29, 2016
At the Democratic National Convention the Presidential nominee touched on her ideas to create jobs, pay women the same as men, defeat ISIS, enact immigration and education reform and address violent crime. Here’s what she said about healthcare. 
Lexington Medical Center whistleblower
By Bernie Monegain 12:57 pm July 29, 2016
The lawsuit pointed to illegal filing of Medicare claims and unlawful referrals.
ONC Interoperability IXTF

Source: Matthew Crisp/Flickr

By Jack McCarthy 03:13 pm July 28, 2016
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT advisory group, IXTF, outlined suggestions spanning government policy, technology, and public-private collaborations to improve health data sharing. 

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