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Obamacare premiums hospitals insurers
By Kaiser Health News 10:31 am October 31, 2016
Premium assistance programs are under fire. Insurers countered that it is not fair for hospitals and advocacy groups financed by providers to steer people who could be covered by Medicare or Medicaid into marketplace plans with higher reimbursement rates.
NSA simplifying data security

Center for Internet Security senior vice president Tony Sager will be among the speakers at the upcoming HIMSS and Healthcare IT News Privay & Security Forum Boston. 

By Bill Siwicki 09:55 am October 31, 2016
Approach cybersecurity like war. Then take a defender’s standpoint, share information whenever possible, understand what you really need to accomplish and study history.
Population health ACO Jonathan Bush

athenahealth chief Jonathan Bush said that participating in an ACO is unlikely to be a profitable move. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:00 am October 26, 2016
First the industry must unhook its terrestrial addiction to fee-for-service models.
AHA ONC interoperability standards
By Jack McCarthy 09:41 am October 26, 2016
American Hospital Association said the draft 2017 ISA must assess the use, not just adoption, of standards.
$100 million Tricare fraud
By Susan Morse 11:39 am October 21, 2016
The massive scheme at Fort Hood, Texas, involved prescribing pain creams to military personnel and disguising payments. 
Zika mystery spreads humans
By Kaiser Health News 11:04 am October 21, 2016
The discovery could potentially contribute to drugs that prevent birth defects in some babies born to women who contracted the virus while pregnant. 
EHR upcoding compliance
By Mike Miliard 07:09 am October 21, 2016
Whether intentional or accidental, coding mistakes can have legal consequences. Experts share insights about avoiding those and advice about what to know when auditors show up at your door.
Amazon Microsoft NCI Biden
By Jessica Davis 12:28 pm October 20, 2016
The National Cancer Institute, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft have partnered to build NCI an online repository for genomic data, the White House announced as part of its Cancer Moonshot Task Force report.
Trump Clinton Obamacare tax
By Tom Sullivan 12:07 pm October 20, 2016
Trump called the Affordable Care Act bad healthcare at the most expensive price; Clinton said Trump's tax plan would have dire consequences for Medicare.
ONC patient-generated health data

Validic's VitalSnap enables a phone's camera to share data from devices that are otherwise not connected. 

By Jack McCarthy 09:39 am October 20, 2016
Sutter is using Validic’s digital health platform to monitor patients with Type 2 diabetes in one pilot. In the other, Amita Health is implementing TapCloud’s technology for behavioral health, stroke, orthopedic surgery and other medical conditions. 

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