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By Carl Natale 10:47 am June 19, 2014
You can create better relationships now with your healthcare payers while not so many medical practices are thinking about their delayed ICD-10 transitions.
By Bernie Monegain 09:59 am June 19, 2014
Former ONC chief Farzad Mostashari, MD, this week launched Aledade, a startup aimed at helping physicians form accountable care organizations.
U.S. Rep Michael Burgess; photo from
By Diana Manos 09:44 am June 19, 2014
Republican Texas Representative Michael Burgess, MD, vice-chair of the subcommittee on health within the House Energy and Commerce Committee, had not always been convinced of the benefits of health IT. But Hurricane Katrina changed his mind. Today, Burgess is a champion.
By Tom Sullivan 10:57 am June 18, 2014
With an industry day slated for next week and an EHR choice on the horizon, David Bowen discusses the department’s goals, the overarching theme, and the project roadmap.
By Diana Manos 09:45 am June 18, 2014
The ability for this next generation of doctors to eliminate suffering will be unprecedented, according to Rep. Mike Burgess (R-Tex.), vice-chair of the subcommittee on health within the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
By Tom Sullivan 09:40 am June 18, 2014
It's time to take an honest look at the program, US Rep Tom Price, MD, said, suggesting ways to improve the effort moving forward.
By Diana Manos 08:28 am June 18, 2014
With the continued shortage of qualified individuals to fill the health IT staffing gap in the outwardly expanding health IT revolution, some experts claim relief can be found in some less likely places.
By Tom Sullivan 03:52 pm June 17, 2014
That and a raft of questions about how government and industry should forge ahead are emerging as the grand vision for interoperable electronic health records systems are progressing too slowly for many stakeholders.
By Tom Sullivan 01:30 pm June 17, 2014
Will tech giants Apple, Google and Samsung entering the healthcare realm gain purchase? The reason to hope so is the promise they hold to advance the Triple Aim.
By Tom Sullivan 11:22 am June 17, 2014
To accomplish that, the Veterans Affairs Department established an inner circle, defined service levels, standardized equipment, and began building on top of that. Today, it’s ramping up for a third circle.

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