Financial/Revenue Cycle Management

By 10:59 am August 15, 2016
Healthcare Providers have to manage complex operations comprising varied and distributed pieces. However, efficiencies can be uncovered—and technology can help you find them. There are three key areas where you can improve efficiency.  
By 03:57 pm January 28, 2016
With government mandates growing more complex, providers can’t afford to forfeit reimbursements. Providers need to better manage processes to streamline prior-authorization amidst the complexity of clinical decisions & payer policies. 
By Healthcare IT News 03:16 pm December 01, 2015
When it comes to financing, healthcare industry businesses shouldn't be judged by their credit rating alone. Financial partners exclusively serving healthcare businesses understand that your business has a story your credit rating can't reflect.
By Healthcare IT News 04:19 pm April 30, 2015
As Enloe Medical Center leadership evaluated implementation projects in their development queue, they realized that they would require an interface engine better suited to the hospital's long-term IT goals. This report details how they found a new engine with an innovative architecture, short learning and implementation curve, and lower total cost...
By Healthcare IT News 02:52 pm March 03, 2015
This paper describes how a proprietary ROI tool from Philips can help translate system interfacing technology improvements into tangible business benefits.
By Healthcare IT News 12:33 pm January 30, 2015
Learn how this large health system was able to improve patient financial engagement in just a few months and drive more than a million dollars in first year return.
By Healthcare IT News 12:32 pm January 30, 2015
Most patients want to pay off their medical balances in a responsible manner, but the new financial landscape is making that more and more challenging for many patients. Old financial communication methods prove ineffective against growing accounts receivables and aging balances. In this white paper, we'll share strategies for addressing this new...
By Healthcare IT News 12:29 pm January 30, 2015
Increased electronic engagement between healthcare providers and patients provides significant opportunities for improving revenue cycle metrics. Learn some proven methods for increasing patient adoption of online portals can increase payments, impact Meaningful Use and improve the patient experience.
By Healthcare IT News 10:51 am July 15, 2014
Most discussions of “data liquidity” in health IT focus on the ability to share data across the healthcare delivery system for better care coordination. By tightly integrating electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) systems in a clinically driven RCM model, provider organizations can realize tremendous gains in financial...
By Healthcare IT News 10:35 am July 15, 2014
When Greenway customer Eric Ashkin, MD, left a 10-physician practice in 2012 after 8 years with the organization he had one vision in mind: create a smaller organization of experienced professionals focused on advanced capabilities with minimal support staff. The results? -Fast and satisfying implementation -Aligned clinical care and billing -...

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