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Cerner RCM revenue cycle

Jeff Hurst said it’s critical for hospitals to integrate revenue cycle management software with their electronic health records platforms.

By Bernie Monegain 09:50 am July 19, 2016
Cerner President Zane Burke said that Hurst, currently a senior vice president at Florida Hospital, brings both vision and operational expertise to the software vendor.  
By Jessica Davis 04:10 pm July 18, 2016
Hospital computer and math science positions are on the uptick, with 17.9 percent growth between 2010 to 2014, according to a MedPAC analysis of Bureau of Labor statistics. That growth may reflect healthcare's efforts to transition to electronic health records.
data breach simulation

Too many hospitals and healthcare providers "really don't prepare – never mind practice – for a cyber event," says Candy Alexander.

By Chuck Green 02:13 pm July 14, 2016
While payers and large health systems have detailed protocols in place to prepare for and deal with breaches and security incidents, many hospitals and practices "don't even have plans in place."
McKesson HealthQX value-based payment
By Bill Siwicki 01:11 pm July 12, 2016
McKesson expands its ability to support customers in bundled payment programs with HealthQX’s ClarityQx software.
claims denials revenue cycle
By Tom Sullivan 07:31 am July 11, 2016
Software for automating revenue cycle tasks can help healthcare providers gird for value-based care. But hospital executives should also know that technology alone will not suffice.  

"We're analytical. We're high-tech. We can provide insights that others cannot," said UPMC's James Szilagy of the health system's new supply chain company.

By Bernie Monegain 10:17 am July 08, 2016
With an eye toward taking the healthcare supply chain to new levels, UPMC on July 8 launched Pensiamo, a new company whose goal is to help hospitals improve the supply chain, where costs are high and getting higher.

"With Patient Insights, healthcare providers can instead automatically identify high-risk patients or analyze high-cost encounters and quickly take action to impact care quality and protect the bottom line," says James Lawson, vice president of payment and population solutions at 3M Health Information Systems, in a statement.

By Jessica Davis 02:58 pm June 27, 2016
3M Health Information Systems has added another physician workflow and analytics tool to its 360 Encompass MD repertoire with its newest tool: Patient Insights Suite. It was announced today at HFMA ANI in Las Vegas.

"The proposed scoring system is nothing short of a mathematical marvel," said Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, president and CEO of MGMA, of MACRA's proposed Merit-Based Incentive Payment System. "Its narrow definition of APM provides almost no opportunities for medical groups to begin the shift away from fee-for-service reimbursement."

By Jessica Davis 11:21 am June 27, 2016
The physician practice association offered recommendations for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System and Alternative Payment Models proposed by MACRA – including a reduction of reporting requirements across MIPS.

"Despite providers' best efforts to submit clean claims, a substantial number still get denied," says RelayHealth's Marcy Tatsch. "An effective denial prevention strategy doesn't just focus on pre-submission, but also on the other points along the claims continuum."

By Bernie Monegain 10:33 am June 27, 2016
Payers reject 6.4 percent of claims on the first go-round, company data show.
Medicare Fraud Strike Force

Source: Wikimedia

By Jeff Lagasse 03:42 pm June 22, 2016
The defendants, 61 of them clinicians, are being charged with various crimes, including conspiracy, violations of anti-kickback statutes, money laundering and aggravated identity theft.

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