Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

By Healthcare IT News 12:10 pm December 10, 2014
Critical initiatives such as increasing patient engagement, improving clinical workflow and driving greater care coordination require healthcare technology leaders too ‘unlock’ the EMR and bring data to the point of care in real-time. To do so, they must connect clinical and non-clinical systems, both on-premises and in the cloud.
By Healthcare IT News 03:00 pm November 18, 2014
To give patients the best care possible, Allina Health (Allina) set a goal of “One patient. One record.” Shortly after implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) across the health system, Allina knew it needed an enterprise solution to manage the unstructured content – the paper, forms, faxes, clinical images and more – that would still exist...
By Healthcare IT News 09:25 am October 15, 2014
The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care is creating significant financial and performance pressures for healthcare providers. As Health IT leaders work to harness cloud, Big Data, mobile, and social technology to optimize their EMR, building a trusted hybrid cloud infrastructure lays the foundation for team-based care. In this...
By Healthcare IT News 03:55 pm September 22, 2014
One hour webinar that walks through the Dell Mobile Clinical Computing solution and why you may want to consider it for your environment.
By Healthcare IT News 03:53 pm September 22, 2014
Learn how Mater Health improves access to clinical data with a virtual desktop environment built on robust Dell Wyse zero clients. Benefits experienced by Mater include improved speed of initial access to clinical data by 80% and projected increase of endpoint lifespan by 50%.
By Healthcare IT News 03:48 pm September 22, 2014
Examine the total economic impact that you can realize by using Dell™ Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC). Discover how Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) achieved clinical efficiency, data security and IT productivity by implementing Dell MCC.
By Healthcare IT News 10:55 am September 15, 2014
Vendor Neutral Archives are giving PACS owners a direct path to image ownership. Outpacing PACS deployments by 5x, Vendor Neutral Archives are "unPACing" imaging archives at record rates. If you are considering a VNA solution or you want to understand how a VNA will support your enterprise image management strategy, read The VNA Guide. Learn why...
By Healthcare IT News 10:53 am September 15, 2014
Analysts are predicting a 25% year-over-year growth in VNA adoption. Some reports forecast an evolutionary shift from proprietary PACS archives to architecture-neutral VNA solutions. Healthcare business considerations for a move to VNA include: EMR adoption, new industry regulations, market consolidation, and "big data" management. Find out why...
By Healthcare IT News 10:48 am September 15, 2014
Imaging informatics, one of healthcare IT's fastest growing segments, is poised for explosive change. Demand for anytime, anywhere access to complete patient information, including imaging, is on the rise. Learn how today's CIOs are breaking down barriers in imaging informatics to deliver vital patient care records where and when needed while...
By Healthcare IT News 08:45 am September 10, 2014
ExtraHop enables healthcare IT organizations to harness the massive amounts of wire data flowing through their environments. See how ExtraHop can help to manage departmental and legacy applications while also supporting new initiatives such as meaningful use, compliance, VDI, EHR/EMR, and mobile applications.

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