Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

By Commvault 05:25 pm February 10, 2017
With ransomware a top threat, healthcare systems must have a plan to both protect and recover data in the event of an attack. Using a multi-layer security strategy provides the best protection for prevention and continuing care after an attack.
By Commvault 05:23 pm February 10, 2017
Healthcare systems can now capture, protect and backup MEDITECH EHR data. Snapshot management also provides data protection and recovery and more into one seamless framework.
By drchrono 02:41 pm February 07, 2017
EHRs are growing in complexity, but not all EHRs are created equal. Just like the needs of your patients, each practice has different needs. Take a look the checklist to help you find the right solution for your practice.
By InterSystems 12:00 pm January 26, 2017
Successful population health and value-based care initiatives require complete and accurate information.
By 09:31 am January 26, 2017
Healthcare providers use mobile devices to stay connected, access information, and enter data in real time, but no on device does it all. Device convergence solutions enable multiple functions on one device, improving workflows and minimizing risks to patients caused by loss of connectivity.
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By Lenovo Health 02:54 pm January 23, 2017
How is your organization transitioning to value-based care? Find out why a unique health safety identifier and health IT are critical to securing patient identity and achieving better outcomes.
By Hyland 01:13 pm September 16, 2016
In order to enable clinicians real-time access to relevant clinical information, healthcare organizations can deploy a new strategy that focuses on managing and providing access to unstructured data housed in a secure repository.
By Hyland 01:06 pm September 16, 2016
In order to increase provider adoption of electronic medical record systems, HIMSS Analytics is proposing new requirements for its Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM).
By Hyland 01:01 pm September 16, 2016
A survey reveals a preference for a patient-centric, unified health record that presents all relevant data at the point of care. Vendor neutral archives and enterprise content management are being leveraged to provide that unified patient view.
By 11:21 am September 09, 2016
The more engaged patients are in managing their own care, the better their health outcomes and the more positive their experience.  Here are 10 tips for putting technology to work to achieve your engagement goals.

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