Electronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)

EHR player NextGen eyes mobile tech with $34 million takeover of Entrada
By Bill Siwicki 11:49 am April 14, 2017
Company says it sees mobile health systems as some of the most valuable real estate in healthcare.  
HL7 moves FHIR closer to interoperability for precision medicine
By Tom Sullivan 08:28 am April 12, 2017
Health Level 7 genomics co-chair points to use cases in place today that other hospitals can adopt to advance precision medicine.
Tell us: How can EHRs be fixed?
By Henry Powderly 03:33 pm April 11, 2017
As complaints, especially from physicians, continue to mount, we'd love your ideas for making the platforms better.
Clunky EHRs have providers looking to the past
By Bernie Monegain 10:21 am April 11, 2017
While nobody wants to go back to the pre-electronic health record days, pre-meaningful use is a whole other question.
HIMSS support creating unique patient identifiers to improve care delivery
By Bill Siwicki 01:14 pm April 10, 2017
HIMSS and 24 other organizations want the feds to support creating unique patient identifiers to improve care delivery.
HIMSS Analytics Brendan FitzGerald

HIMSS Analytics director Brendan FitzGerald speaking at Pop Health Forum in Boston.

By Tom Sullivan 02:34 pm April 04, 2017
But HIMSS Analytics director Brendan FitzGerald says you do need a core set of tech tools to get the job done.
ONC chief Donald Rucker
By Bernie Monegain 12:20 pm April 04, 2017
HIMSS, CHIME and many high-ranking healthcare executives expect big things from a leader they see as highly qualified.
ONC chief Donald Rucker
By Bernie Monegain 12:01 pm April 03, 2017
Long history of clinical and technology work should benefit the nation’s hub for healthcare IT policy.
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By Lenovo Health 09:10 am April 03, 2017
Although most of the health industry has moved records and administrative processes from paper to digital, human error remains a costly issue. Implementing health IT solutions, particularly a unique health safety identifier (UHSI), can eliminate the ongoing challenges of duplicate records, patient identity theft and payment fraud.
ONC updates SAFER guides
By Mike Miliard 01:18 pm March 31, 2017
In addition to checklists and templates to help improve quality and safety, the new guides offer tips on prevention and mitigation of ransomware.

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