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Rhode Island HIE notifications

Elaine Fontaine, director of data quality and analytics at RIQI. 

By Mike Miliard 10:47 am January 16, 2017
Rhode Island Quality Institute is using its statewide health information exchange to send real-time notifications for care transitions to and from emergency departments and hospitals. The alerts include direct messaging, EHR notifications and real-time dashboards.

Deborah DiSanzo, general manager at IBM Watson Health, says the company's partnership with Illumina lays the groundwork for better understanding of the impact of genomics in oncology.

By Bernie Monegain 10:06 am January 09, 2017
IBM will integrate its cognitive computing platform Watson for Genomics with biotech company Illumina's tumor sequencing technology. Executives announced what they called a "groundbreaking partnership" Jan. 9 at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco.
Mayo Groupon machine learning

Groupon co-founder and Tempus CEO and co-founder Eric Lefkofsky said that cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning have not yet permeated the healthcare system. 

By Jack McCarthy 07:01 am January 05, 2017
Mayo will deploy the Tempus “operating system to battle cancer,” to apply analytics that can be used for improving patients’ quality of life and survival rates. 

Indiana Biosciences Research Institute CEO David Broecker

By Bernie Monegain 11:14 am December 27, 2016
The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute has unveiled a new effort to understand how type 2 diabetes varies from patient to patient. With access to data on more than 800,000 diabetics, researchers see it as a big step toward new treatments and improved diagnostic tools.
IT infrastructure personalized care

John Deeken, MD, chief operating officer, Inova Translational Medicine Institute

By Mike Miliard 01:57 pm December 20, 2016
Precision medicine is promising, but integrating genomics with EHRs and workflow poses challenges. The technology for testing is the easy part. Putting the results into a usable format for clinicians can be more problematic, says Inova's John Deeken, MD.   

"Alcohol and other substance use disorder treatment lags far behind the rest of healthcare in the deployment of electronic health records," according to NIH.

By Jessica Davis 01:24 pm December 09, 2016
The National Institutes of Health is challenging biotech researchers to build a wearable device that can measure blood alcohol in real-time, and it will offer funding for researchers who find out how to better use electronic health record data for alcohol treatment.
Flow Health Alan Meshkin

Flow Health CEO Alex Meshkin

By Tom Sullivan 07:29 am December 09, 2016
Alex Meshkin explains the emerging company's plan to let the VA's 22 million patient records data speak for itself, and then tackle disease problems based on what it tells them.
IBM Watson Merge imaging

Nancy Koenig, general manager at Merge Healthcare, and Murray Reicher, MD, chief health officer at Merge, are showcasing new AI imaging technology at RSNA 2016 in Chicago. (Photo: IBM Watson Health)

By Mike Miliard 11:55 am November 30, 2016
AI and deep learning can help automate analytics on voluminous image data, enabling comparison with EHR information, genomics and more, officials say.

Boston Children's and GE Healthcare will employ the GE Health Cloud to build the new software.

By Bernie Monegain 11:27 am November 28, 2016
Boston Children's Hospital and GE Healthcare are working together on new pediatric brain software they plan to take to market.
By Jessica Davis 02:45 pm November 18, 2016
Calling addiction the biggest U.S. health concern, Vivek Murthy, MD, says it should be seen as a chronic disease and treated as such.

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