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IBM Watson Merge imaging

Nancy Koenig, general manager at Merge Healthcare, and Murray Reicher, MD, chief health officer at Merge, are showcasing new AI imaging technology at RSNA 2016 in Chicago. (Photo: IBM Watson Health)

By Mike Miliard 11:55 am November 30, 2016
AI and deep learning can help automate analytics on voluminous image data, enabling comparison with EHR information, genomics and more, officials say.

Boston Children's and GE Healthcare will employ the GE Health Cloud to build the new software.

By Bernie Monegain 11:27 am November 28, 2016
Boston Children's Hospital and GE Healthcare are working together on new pediatric brain software they plan to take to market.
By Jessica Davis 02:45 pm November 18, 2016
Calling addiction the biggest U.S. health concern, Vivek Murthy, MD, says it should be seen as a chronic disease and treated as such.
MLB medical information trades

 Major League Baseball Chief Legal Officer Dan Halem (photo courtesy

By Jessica Davis 03:14 pm November 14, 2016
'This is kind of an area where we've been moving each year since we adopted the electronic medical records,' said Major League Baseball's chief legal officer, following suspension of Padres' GM Preller.
Big Data

MIT health economist Joseph Doyle said the bold promise of big data is to prevent high-cost health events before they happen.

By Tom Sullivan 04:47 pm October 24, 2016
Predictive analytics are not going to be perfect. But that’s okay. Experts explain the sweet spot to target today.  
crowdsourcing healthcare analytics

Benson Hsu, MD, vice president of data and analytics at Sanford Health

By Mike Miliard 04:27 pm October 24, 2016
Benson Hsu, MD, vice president of data and analytics at Sanford Health, explains how sharing data with 'smart people' from outside the health system has led to some innovative applications for population health management.

"Eight years ago when I was seeing patients, I would dictate for 90 seconds after every patient in free text and communicate all care provided," said Shaun Grannis, MD. "Today, I fill-out a five-page template for a sore throat that no one wants to read, with details that providers often miss."

By Sherree Geyer 12:15 pm October 04, 2016
"The voices of regulation, defensive medicine, billing and quality measure reporting have been so loud that the primary reason for documentation has been ignored," said Peter Basch, MD, of MedStar Health in Washington.
By Jessica Davis 04:02 pm September 30, 2016
One of the largest healthcare providers in Hawaii, it's only the second two-time winner of the Enterprise Davies Award since the inception of the program in 1994.

There were 2.1 million fewer patients harmed, 87,000 lives saved and nearly $20 billion in cost-savings from 2010 to 2014, said CMS Chief Medical Officer Patrick Conway, MD, "and we are focused on accelerating improvement efforts."

By Bernie Monegain 04:12 pm September 29, 2016
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services awarded $347 million to 16 national, regional or state hospital associations, quality improvement organizations and health systems to continue efforts in reducing hospital-acquired conditions and readmissions.
Microsoft artificial intelligence cancer

Building 17 on Microsoft's corporate campus in Redmond, Washington. 

By Tom Sullivan 03:07 pm September 20, 2016
The software giant joins rivals IBM and Google in putting supercomputing to work on cancer research and treatment. 

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