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"One of the biggest current threats to health information privacy is the serious compromise of the integrity and availability of data caused by malicious cyberattacks on electronic health information systems, such as through ransomware," said OCR Director Jocelyn Samuels.

By Jessica Davis 11:18 am July 12, 2016
Its advice includes ways to prevent and contain malware threats; OCR officials stress that these viruses are considered security incidents under HIPAA.
ONC blockchain
By Mike Miliard 11:31 am July 08, 2016
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is looking for ways that blockchain could be put to work in healthcare scenarios.
cybersecurity readiness

With the stakes of a data breach so high, many argue that security pros need more autonomy and power. One thing's for sure: With CISO salaries now often exceeding $400,000, many are taking on a lot more responsibility.

By Mike Miliard 10:48 am July 06, 2016
Healthcare providers typically spend less than 6 percent of their IT budget on security, according to HIMSS Analytics data. Financial institutions, by way of comparison, invest between 12 and 15 percent on average.
By Jessica Davis 03:06 pm June 28, 2016
Unique copies of the records – apparently stolen from three large health organizations and a U.S. insurance company – are being offered for as much as $485,000 worth of bitcoin, according to the website DeepDotWeb.

"Where worms, viruses, and Dos/DDoS were of the center of attention roughly four years ago, we're now dealing with nation state attacks, IoT compromises and Ransomware," said Raytheon's Alison Kidd. "The game has shifted to be one of complete control, instead of disruption."

By Jessica Davis 11:29 am June 20, 2016
'Most managed security services don't provide proactive threat hunting, advanced analytics and incident response as part of their core offerings.'

"We currently store genetic data in a very robust, complicated, standard format that was developed nearby here, in Silicon Valley," said Nephi Walton, MD, in San Francisco on Wednesday. "The problem is, it was developed in 1993 and it's called a PDF."

By Mike Miliard 08:24 pm June 16, 2016
'Our technology to produce data from genetic medicine is far more advanced than our ability to use it in a clinical environment.'

Michael Draugelis

By Jessica Davis 03:04 pm June 15, 2016
Michael Draugelis, who spoke at the HIMSS and Healthcare IT News Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum on Tuesday, also said healthcare organizations should collaborate to improve patient care.

The Crysis ransomware strain doesn't just encrypt files, it can pull them from the network – placing organizations into the "territory of an actual data breach," says one security expert. "Especially in HIPAA-compliant organizations, (that's) an area no one wants to be."

By Jessica Davis 10:31 am June 10, 2016
Ransomware has dominated the cybersecurity headlines these past few months, and one of its more recent and advanced variants, Crysis, suggests the threat won't be ending any time soon.

(Photo courtesy Michael J. Fox Foundation)

By Jessica Davis 04:54 pm June 08, 2016
The research and advocacy group is calling upon data scientists and computational analysts to leverage its database to expand understanding of the disease.
Joe Biden precision medicine
By Jessica Davis 11:18 am June 07, 2016
Vice President Joe Biden unveiled the precision medicine database on Monday, speaking at its operations center at the University of Chicago. Genomic Data Commons is a National Cancer Institute initiative and is central to the National Cancer Moonshot and Precision Medicine Initiative.

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