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By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm January 23, 2018
In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of deploying continuous monitoring as the foundation of your compliance validation program. Continuous monitoring with a cloud partner makes available, scalable resources such as people, processes, and technologies that even mid-sized healthcare organizations are challenged to provide.
By 01:36 pm May 23, 2017
Working with SQL Server in healthcare presents many unique challenges. For example, access and security can't come at the cost of uptime and speed. This paper details the importance of effectively, continuously juggling all these and other factors.
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By 3M 09:48 am February 21, 2017
For large integrated health networks, what impact do hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) have under value-based payment models? The short answer: a big one. Learn the seven steps to consistently capture accurate HCC categories for each patient.
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By 3M 09:47 am February 21, 2017
How can you succeed under new value-based reimbursement (VBR) models? For starters, healthcare systems must document and code full patient acuity, not just conditions treated during a visit, in order to represent a patient's true health risk.
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By Armor 10:59 am February 13, 2017
Unfortunately, many of today’s strategies fail to create a compelling case for action, undermining the CISO’s support and credibility. These six steps create an effective security strategy linked with key business interests and success factors.
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By Armor 10:56 am February 13, 2017
Balancing security and compliance requires a proactive strategy, starting with an understanding the importance of HIPAA compliance, surmising possible threats, and formulating policies that protect data while conforming to the necessary regulations.
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By Armor 10:29 am February 13, 2017
To avoid regulatory fines and a damaged reputation, healthcare organizations turn to a compliance checklist. But that alone doesn't ensure proper security. This whitepaper focuses on safeguarding sensitive data, the intention behind the regulations.
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By Armor 10:23 am February 13, 2017
The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT found through a study that privacy and data loss are very much on patients’ minds--and those attitudes have the potential to impact both treatment outcomes and organizational reputations.
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By Armor 10:08 am February 13, 2017
Compliance alone does not guarantee that a sufficient security program is in place. This paper shows how to conduct internal risk management processes that determine which security controls are necessary to protect the sensitive data they hold.
By Microsoft 11:20 am February 06, 2017
Healthcare executives must deploy a robust cybersecurity program that educates people, secures technologies, and puts processes in place. An optimal security program protects data and helps healthcare organizations support business initiatives.

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