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By 03:11 pm February 07, 2017
With the advent of Meaningful Use, healthcare providers are seeing significant benefits from image-enabling patient health records for a complete diagnostic picture.
By 03:09 pm February 07, 2017
Successfully transforming your medical image management strategy requires a plan. It’s why we’ve put together a guide, with insights and practical checklists for healthcare strategists.
By Microsoft 11:16 am February 06, 2017
The new paradigm for health analytics is to create data-driven cultures. Instead of just collecting data, healthcare organizations need to create real-time actionable information that both improves clinical outcomes and drives financial savings.
By 11:00 am February 06, 2017
Healthcare organizations worldwide are undergoing massive changes ranging from the adoption of Electronic Health Records to transitioning to value based care.
By Armor 04:17 pm January 10, 2017
Late stage cloud buyers must be fully aware of the nuances of HIPAA compliance before making a final purchase. This article explores the many common mistakes made in doing so while offering valuable tips and suggestions for avoiding these errors.
By Palo Alto Networks 05:30 pm January 04, 2017
McLean County School District 5: Four Thousand New Security Risks Just Left School. Improve security, optimize bandwidth, safely enable access to online learning tools, and support a sizable expansion in remote student users.
By Palo Alto Networks 05:28 pm January 04, 2017
When it comes to network security, the best approach is a layered defense that applies different technologies to network traffic with the goal of stopping all manner of attacks.
By Palo Alto Networks 05:26 pm January 04, 2017
Gain visibility into network to improve security and safely enable application access.
By Palo Alto Networks 05:06 pm January 04, 2017
Delta Holding was attacked on several occasions by ransomware, which disrupted productivity and required added expense to protect vital data on separate backup systems. The Company also needed three separate systems to protect its users.
By 10:18 am December 28, 2016
With these technology best practices, you have the building blocks to create a healthcare provider organization that takes on the challenges of a rapidly changing industry and the opportunities of modern digital healthcare.

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