Best Hospital IT Department 2016

Best Hospital IT Departments

Best Hospital IT 2017
By Mike Miliard 11:15 am May 24, 2017
Our annual awards recognize top hospital and health system teams based on leadership, professional development opportunities, salary and benefits, workplace culture and more.
Best Hospital IT 2016
By Gus Venditto 10:38 am December 01, 2016
A webinar featuring the CIOs of two award-winning hospitals will share their thoughts about how to improve morale and inspire their staffs. 
Best Hospital IT 2016

Pictured (left to right): Inspira Health CIO Tom Pacek, Mahaska IT director Chris Hickie and Roper St. Francis CIO Keith Neuman.

By Tom Sullivan 07:10 am November 30, 2016
A look inside some of the most ambitious initiatives happening at Healthcare IT News' 2016 Best Hospital IT Departments, which are cultivating a bold new era of care delivery by homing in on the patient experience.
Best Hospital IT 2016 CIOs
By Mike Miliard 07:05 am November 23, 2016
Healthcare IT News took the pulse of its Best Hospital IT Departments 2016 winners and found that progress on these fronts is fluctuating – from ‘dabbling’ today to leading-edge work toward next-generation care delivery.
Best Hospital IT 2016 CIOs
By Tom Sullivan 07:54 am November 22, 2016
Natural disasters. EHR downtime. Data breaches. They’re all on the list. The more surprising ones? Not being disruptive enough and building systems that don't match what clinicians and patients actually need. 
Best Hospitals gender pay gap
By Jessica Davis 01:04 pm November 21, 2016
The salary differences between men and women are not a surprise in most industries and that includes healthcare.
Best Hospital IT 2016 CIOs

Pictured, right to left: Bernie Clement, CIO at Thibodaux Regional, Ed Kopetsky, CIO at Lucile Packard Children’s and Keith Neuman, CIO of Roper St. Francis. 

By Mike Miliard 06:55 am November 17, 2016
From basics like spending time with staff to strong leadership, Healthcare IT News award winners discuss what works best for keeping their tech teams satisfied, productive, innovative and aligned with the bigger mission.
Best Hospital IT 2016 CIOs
By Tom Sullivan 09:33 am November 15, 2016
From chatbots mining social media to wearables and trendy tools, Healthcare IT News' Best Hospital IT Department winners discuss the top tech poised to have a critical impact on their organizations' future.
post EHR era Best Hospital
By 06:30 am November 07, 2016
CIOs from Healthcare IT News Best Hospital IT Departments 2016 share their take on the fate of electronic health records. 
Best Hospital IT Departments 2016
By Mike Miliard 11:42 am November 01, 2016
See which providers earned the prestigious award and read about how we determined the IT shops that are the best of the best. 

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