By 02:00 pm October 06, 2016
A key challenge confronting NYU Langone was duplicative, uncorrelated data, extracted from multiple systems that inhibited "a single version of the truth" for executive decision-making. An enterprise data warehouse and executive dashboards were implemented late 2009, and the need for analytics has grown considerably.
By 05:26 pm September 27, 2016
This annual report details the evolving cyber attack landscape. By looking globally at the volume, types, perpetrators, enabling factors and changing nature of these threats, organizations can properly adjust their strategies to be more relevant.
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By Intel 12:54 pm September 23, 2016
Healthcare, similar to many other industries, needs to find a way to deal with its increasingly valuable, yet often difficult to wrangle, data. Find out how query data could help clinicians make more informed cancer-care decisions.
By 02:00 pm September 20, 2016
Adventist Health System analyzes vast amounts of information and has created a robust data integration framework to deliver real-time analytics, measure and track key performance metrics.
By 02:00 pm September 13, 2016
Tina Esposito, Vice President of the Center for Health Information Services at Advocate Health Care will share how healthcare IT leaders can push the boundaries of innovation, technology, and data. Healthcare leaders must not lose sight of the fundamental principles that ensure big data continues to produce the desired results.
By 02:00 pm September 08, 2016
Join Qlik and John Martin, Sr. Director of Enterprise Analytics and Reporting at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as they discuss the essential elements to create a data-driven organization and ensure value generation from analytics investments.
By 01:26 pm August 01, 2016
Big Data enables healthcare enterprises to identify population health trends, spot emerging outbreaks, measure treatment effectiveness, and other empirical applications. This report examines the benefits of a secure Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud.
By 01:54 pm July 26, 2016
An overview of the current Cloud market, with insights about transforming healthcare; the ROI of personalization technologies; and how innovative on-premise, cloud and hybrid data solutions can improve efficiency, care and outcomes.
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By 09:30 am July 13, 2016
In this eBook, industry leaders explore the four categories of digital health technologies—wearable fitness devices, clinical devices, sensors, and applications.
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By Validic 09:28 am June 22, 2016
As healthcare shifts more toward accountable care, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to quickly and securely access patient data to deliver more meaningful population management, patient engagement, and disease state analytics.

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