By Michael Raymer 01:43 pm February 26, 2015
Hospitals and physician practices have been slow to adopt online platforms that allow them to connect with patients at home or on their mobile devices. However, patients will increasingly demand online connections with their providers.
By John Halamka 10:06 am February 26, 2015
CIOs are at a challenging crossroads in their careers. Regulatory burdens, security threats, and changing reimbursement models have led to a demand for change that seems overwhelming.
By Chad Johnson 08:34 am February 25, 2015
Chad Johnson speaks with Michael James McCoy, MD, ONC's Chief Health Information Officer, about his new position and his vision for a learning health system.
By Parag Nasikkar 01:38 pm February 24, 2015
Payers' involvement in patient care, and their access to clinical data, has remained limited. They have traditionally relied on claims data to build care management applications and cost reduction programs.
By Tim Cannon 08:40 am February 24, 2015
As more tools are available on mobile and more information is available via cloud systems, an increasing number of IT employers are offering their employees flexible work options. The work from home movement is here, and it's growing.
By Joel French 02:16 pm February 23, 2015
Somehow health systems have adopted the notion that electronic health records are central to their competitive strategies -- viewing the technology's capabilities beyond their original design and intent.
By William Bria, MD 08:26 am February 20, 2015
Enough talk about information technology's use in the practice of medicine. Health IT must become the practice of medicine.
By Matt McElheny 12:58 pm February 19, 2015
Tying reimbursement to outcomes can lead to better patient recoveries, more predictable costs for all parties, higher prescription adherence rates, fewer readmissions and fewer medical errors, among other benefits.
By Jeff Rowe 10:15 am February 19, 2015
"To those who design these monstrosities and ... buy them to the protests of clinicians, what are you thinking?"
By Carl Natale 12:31 pm February 18, 2015
The answer is not as simple as it might seem.

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