By David Blumenthal, MD 10:43 am October 20, 2014
For those who follow the ongoing conversion of U.S. healthcare from paper to electronic information systems, Texas Health Presbyterian's reflex to blame its EHR for its failure to diagnose the first known case of Ebola in the U.S. was revealing at many levels.
By Anthony Brino 08:01 am October 20, 2014
Given the complexity of consumer eligibility and health needs, enrollment assisters might be an under-appreciated part of making health reform successful.
By Eric Wicklund 09:55 am October 17, 2014
The new Android-based cuff is not tethered to a smartphone, but can still make phone calls and send texts, among other tasks.
By John Halamka 03:53 pm October 16, 2014
On Oct. 15 the future of interoperability was discussed and endorsed by a joint meeting of the Standards and Policy Committees. It was a remarkable day with great energy and enthusiasm to move healthcare toward the same interoperability approach used by most non-healthcare industries.
By Anthony Brino 10:37 am October 16, 2014
When healthcare spending became a big concern, Jackson Labs turned to incentive-based screening and wellness programs, alongside other initiatives, to get control of the costs. And it's still working six years later.
By Jeff Rowe 09:19 am October 15, 2014
It's no secret that one by-product of the health IT revolution has been providers learning how to make better use of technology while also losing touch with their patients.
By Michael F. Arrigo 12:47 pm October 13, 2014
Hospital IT executives are planning to allocate big bucks toward new IT that can optimize electronic health records systems, and they have high hopes of reaping benefits, too.
By W. Roy Smythe, MD 08:28 am October 13, 2014
Could the use of technologies that distance healthcare providers from the first-hand experience of the suffering of those they care for (such as telemedicine platforms and other forms of "virtual visits" or self-care tools) lead to a collective "stumbling over lines" with unfortunate consequences?
By Steve Whitehurst 08:20 am October 13, 2014
With meaningful use Stage 2 underway, many healthcare organizations are pouring significant resources into patient portals in order to engage patients and receive incentives. Although many are planning to fully maximize these tools, portals do have their limitations.
By Anthony Brino 08:12 am October 13, 2014
Urban planners are starting to get a sense of the public health and wellness possibilities of big data.

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