By Craig Boundy 07:18 pm February 17, 2015
Like most technologies, big data can be used for good or it can be abused. But the good that big data brings far outweighs any accompanying risks.
By David Lareau 02:58 pm February 17, 2015
With all the talk of population health, interoperability and personalized medicine, you would think we have already solved the problem of how we handle all the clinical information for a single patient at the point of care. We have not.
By Karin Ratchinsky 11:04 am February 17, 2015
"Credit monitoring for a breach of your identity data, medical or not, is like handing out umbrellas in a tornado." This is a fitting analogy, as healthcare is amidst a converging storm of cyber security; four forces fairly unique to other industries seem to plague the healthcare ecosystem at a confluence.
By David Harlow 09:51 am February 17, 2015
There is much to be said (and much has already been said) about the need for privacy and security and protections in the case of Anthem, just as "helpful hints" have been provided after the fact to victims of all significant data breaches.
By Jeff Rowe 09:48 am February 16, 2015
Unlike with specialists, there’s more than one concept of what a PCP does, and technology is currently blurring those lines even more.
By Jeff Rowe 08:38 am February 13, 2015
Health IT is generally considered a good thing. But there are dangers, too.
By Jonathan Niloff, MD 04:10 pm February 11, 2015
Realizing the return on investment from implementations of population health management technologies can take years. But there are approaches to optimizing programs for an earlier ROI.
By Ryan Witt 03:28 pm February 10, 2015
Even in the heavily privacy-regulated healthcare industry, few people realize how vulnerable many of our systems -- from EHR to connected medical devices -- are to cyberattacks.
By Edmund Billings, MD 01:48 pm February 10, 2015
In anticipation of House of Cards Season 4, and with all due respect to the show's creators, I think real life is giving us a perfect plotline that includes politicians, corporate interests, their lobbyists and a big fat government contract.
By Terry Fouts, MD 07:58 am February 09, 2015
Population health will continue to be a focus in 2015, but we should start the year off by looking at some new ways to leverage underutilized and overlooked data.

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