By John Halamka 09:05 am September 10, 2014
Thirty years since Steve Jobs introduced the first MacIntosh, we are on the cusp of a different kind of revolution: the consumerization of healthcare middleware that gathers data about your body/activity.
By John Halamka, MD 08:52 am September 10, 2014
Thanks to a donor committing significant funds for BIDMC to create an app for evaluating heart failure patients, BIDMC hopes to have a prototype by 2015.
By James Deck 08:06 am September 09, 2014
In this age of technology, the number of discarded electronics or "e-waste" we generate is growing at an alarming rate -- and hospitals and medical offices are no exception.
By Madelyn Kearns 08:03 am September 08, 2014
Setting the record straight on providers' reporting period and the subsequent timeline for attestation in two charts.
By Andrew Underhill 07:47 am September 08, 2014
When looking for ways to bolster patient engagement, healthcare providers may benefit from the work payers have done so far. Following are five lessons learned providers can use from payers to get patients involved.
By Mariza Hardin 08:07 am September 05, 2014
These strategies enable more effective member engagement that, in turn, improve satisfaction and outcome scores.
By Joel French 06:23 am September 05, 2014
Healthcare industry stakeholders have long imagined the improvements enabled by a digital world. Yet despite the widespread optimism, electronic health records have so far failed to transform the healthcare industry.
By Kip Sullivan 10:22 am September 04, 2014
The big data fad in healthcare is the direct result of a quarter century of hype about electronic medical records, promoted by the health policy elite with the encouragement and financial assistance of the computer industry.
By Sherwood Chapman 08:45 am September 04, 2014
The daunting task of connecting fragmented data is the responsibility of providers and insurance providers after the adoption of EHR systems. How can this process be simplified?
By Barbara Allen 07:13 am September 04, 2014
There's no question the transition to ICD-10 will bring with it a significant loss in coder productivity. If left unaddressed, this loss of productivity will cause hospitals to get bills out more slowly.

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