By John Halamka 09:21 am October 10, 2014
EHR causes Ebola! EHRs hold data hostage in stovepiped legacy systems! There is no interoperability in America! How many headlines have you seen over the past month that are either completely false or a vast oversimplification of complex issues?
By Jeff Rowe 08:04 am October 10, 2014
Americans calling for revolution in healthcare and insurance, take heed: It just might be coming.
By Shahid Shah 02:52 pm October 09, 2014
What follows are the dos and don’ts of each step in the EHR buying process; these tips will guide you when comparing options so you select medical software best suited for your needs.
By Jeff Rowe 02:44 pm October 09, 2014
It's a debate that's not going away soon: how big a role should the data from a patient's wearable devices play in an actual appointment.
By Keith W. Boone 09:15 am October 09, 2014
In trying to work through an issue with internet tech support, Keith Boone ran into a problem that patients (especially chronic ones) have with their doctors.
By Anthony Brino 08:09 am October 08, 2014
Though "graceful in theory," at least one internist is arguing that the model "proves awkward" in actual application.
By 11:51 am October 07, 2014
Storytelling is an engaging process that is rewarding for both the teller and the listener. Having mentioned that, a requirements engineer may ask, why couldn't we bring storytelling to our domain?
By Carl Natale 08:07 am October 07, 2014
Plus, the one that really matters most to healthcare entities. And a cartoon.
By Anthony Brino 08:02 am October 06, 2014
The rise of digital health is creating great opportunities for effectiveness research, as well as some other, more profit-driven pursuits.
By Jeff Rowe 09:07 am October 03, 2014
Fewer than 50 percent of physicians show their patients the portal and an even smaller number of doctors use the technology to follow-up with patients.

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