By Carl Natale 09:41 am January 24, 2014
Healthcare plan Florida Blue had an interesting webinar last month. "Why ICD-10 May Not Be As Difficult As Some May Believe" featured Joseph Nichols explaining why ICD-10 coding won't be so bad.
By John Halamka 08:47 am January 22, 2014
Karen DeSalvo started as the new National Coordinator for Healthcare Information Technology on January 13, 2014. What advice would I give her, given the current state of healthcare IT stakeholders?
By Keith W. Boone 02:18 pm January 21, 2014
Where does a newbie go to get more information about HL7?
By Karen DeSalvo 09:59 am January 20, 2014
We continue to see progress in improving the nation's healthcare system, and a key tool to helping achieve that goal is the increased use of electronic health records by the nation's doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.
By Carl Natale 08:26 am January 17, 2014
One of the most useful ICD-10 preparation resources I have seen comes from the American Medical Association. It provides a free 12-step action plan to help physicians get their ICD-10 transition started.
By Karin Ratchinsky 12:36 pm January 16, 2014
Implementing, institutionalizing and fully leveraging the EMR is a massive undertaking, and with it comes a host of other implications, five of which will drive the following major trends in 2014.
By John Halamka 10:04 am January 15, 2014
As 2014 begins, I marvel at the evolution of the CIO role from 1997 to 2014.
By Harshad Patil 08:53 am January 15, 2014
Hospitals need to adopt a standardized way to not just calculate Hospital Value Based Purchasing scores, but also to incorporate the new types of data that are needed to track and report performance.
By Jennifer Covich Bordenick 02:32 pm January 14, 2014
2014 represents a transformative year for healthcare in the United States. Exciting innovations are making a significant impact on the industry, and I am hopeful that we will see a transformation across the industry to more consumer-centric and value-driven healthcare.
By Tom Sullivan 09:37 am January 14, 2014
If I didn't know any better -- and indeed I do -- delving into KPMG's latest findings might appear to reveal some rather defiant healthcare organizations when it comes to ICD-10.

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