By Jeff Rowe 09:46 am October 24, 2012
In recent days, we’ve taken a technical look at EHR workflow issues and heard from a doctor who wants the chance back to tell his patients’ story.
By Carl Natale 10:11 am October 23, 2012
After Oct. 1, 2014, medical practices still will use CPT - not ICD-10-PCS - to code for physician services in their offices. That might mean your outpatient coders can skip learning the ICD-10-PCS code set.
By Keith W. Boone 09:50 am October 23, 2012
We had an extensive discussion about guidelines for producing content for ABBI on the content call today. It was challenging in several ways.
By Brian Ahier 02:34 pm October 22, 2012
The use of electronic health records is linked to significantly higher quality care, according to a new study by Lisa Kern and her team, from the Health Information Technology Evaluation Collaborative in the US.
By Jeff Rowe 10:00 am October 22, 2012
When it comes to meaningful use incentives, do RECs really know best? Or are they too reliant on the federal funding to be objective?
By Helen Figge 08:00 am October 22, 2012
As our HIMSS Annual Conference agenda starts to build out, the HIMSS Career Services Center will be once again in full swing to support our membership.
By Jennifer Dennard 09:54 am October 19, 2012
Did I get your attention? In recent weeks, Nobel Prizes have been awarded in the categories of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economic sciences. While there isn’t yet one designated for healthcare IT, the ideas behind many of the winners’ groundbreaking theories will likely impact healthcare and technology at...
By Tom Sullivan 05:47 pm October 18, 2012
Is this the beginning of the end of health IT's coveted bipartisan support? That, and NYeC's Digital Health Conference 2012, CDC on the verge of opening its cloud to public health, the Government Health IT Virtual Briefing, a debate, and more.
By Kelly Monical 11:00 am October 18, 2012
They say that less is more, but sometimes more is in fact more. With the existing and emerging technology found in today's healthcare environment, healthcare organizations are able to collect, interpret and react to more data about patients and their care than they ever have before.
By Carl Natale 09:19 am October 18, 2012
The ICD-10 transition budget will help you assess how much ICD-10 implementation will cost. It's going to cover the resources needed for training, testing, compensating for decreased productivity and support implementation activities.

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