By Tom Sullivan 04:14 pm October 12, 2012
Comprising the all-star lineup: Elizabeth Holland, Dan Paoletti, Lygeia Ricciardi, and Rob Tagalicod.
By Carl Natale 08:31 am October 12, 2012
The industry association this week published A Call to Action style advisory report outlining, among other things, what healthcare organizations can do to make the conversion as smooth as possible, industry-wide.
By Jennifer Dennard 08:19 am October 12, 2012
I don’t mean to sound jaded, but I think I’m suffering from healthcare IT contest fatigue, which, come to think of it, isn’t all that bad of an affliction.
By Brian Ahier 02:10 pm October 11, 2012
CCHIT to certify that interfaces between health IT and HIEs are consistent across systems and states.
By Tom Sullivan 08:47 am October 11, 2012
The potentially comedic side of Thursday night's vice presidential debate, the not so-humorous calls for ending meaningful use and HITECH altogether, and a look at how hospitals can prepare for the era of pay-for-performance.
By Anthony Brino 12:32 pm October 10, 2012
Last year the Social Security Administration started limiting access to death records amid concerns of privacy and identity theft. Health researchers are concerned that may slow important studies, and some say important research on organ donations have already begun to suffer.
By Jeff Rowe 09:25 am October 10, 2012
Looking at three new tools designed to help patients become more involved in their health.
By Steve Riddle 09:52 am October 09, 2012
To effectively compete in the future of healthcare, hospitals will need infrastructures that drive continual performance improvement.
By Carl Natale 09:02 am October 09, 2012
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) hopes to help the healthcare industry reach ICD-10 compliance as smoothly as possible.
By Craig Hodges 08:25 am October 09, 2012
Admittedly, healthcare is behind the technology curve when it comes to payment processes. But many provider organizations are quickly catching up to the retail industry, implementing user-friendly technologies that offer patients a secure, online portal for settling their medical bills.

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