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August 04, 2015 | Chuck Webster, MD
To truly grasp what the industry is up against, we must understand where we're trying to go. And task interoperability is a key piece of the puzzle. I describe task... More

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August 04, 2015 | Carl Natale
Let's look at one disease state to understand what that term really means. More
August 03, 2015 | Sid Nair
EHR vendors don't really have a strong incentive to make their products interoperable. But putting those standards in the hands of the government also isn't... More
August 03, 2015 | Chuck Webster, MD
Interoperability just might be the thorniest problem in healthcare today. And while much of the conversation treats it as if interoperability is one issue, in reality... More
July 31, 2015 | Scott Rea
Back in the old days -- say, a whole 10 years ago -- thieves had to be physically inside a health care facility to steal patient information. How times have changed. More
July 30, 2015 | Mahmood Sher-Jan, Rick Kam
The dangers of data breach make for great headlines: data held for ransom, financial fraud, medical identity theft. But despite the risks of a breach, the most immediate... More

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July 16, 2012 | EJ Fechenda
Typically the pace slows down during the summer. People leave the office early, come in late and the normal lag time of the application/interviewing/follow-up process is... More
July 16, 2012 | Helen Figge
The hiring of key personnel in healthcare IT is critical for the successful execution of quality healthcare; and never before has technology been infused into healthcare... More
July 10, 2012 | Keith W. Boone
Now that my brief holiday is over, I'm back to thinking about standards again. One of the things that I've noted over the past 4 years of blogging is the... More
July 09, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard
I’ve always been of the opinion that anything I disseminate via social media is pretty much fair game, and I try to play by the golden rule of “If you don’t want it used... More
July 09, 2012 | Helen Figge
A career is all about longevity, taking into account an ability to adapt to various environmental confines and acquiring a tolerance for differing views, opinions and... More