By Steve Riddle 09:52 am October 09, 2012
To effectively compete in the future of healthcare, hospitals will need infrastructures that drive continual performance improvement.
By Carl Natale 09:02 am October 09, 2012
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) hopes to help the healthcare industry reach ICD-10 compliance as smoothly as possible.
By Craig Hodges 08:25 am October 09, 2012
Admittedly, healthcare is behind the technology curve when it comes to payment processes. But many provider organizations are quickly catching up to the retail industry, implementing user-friendly technologies that offer patients a secure, online portal for settling their medical bills.
By Stephen Burrows 08:22 am October 09, 2012
With the recent explosion in the use of technology in healthcare, preparing students who are in clinical programs for the leap into the preverbal technology pool is essential to their success.
By Helen Figge 08:00 am October 08, 2012
HIMSS is an organization built upon diverse membership and accomplishments. With these varied accomplishments come individuals who have gone above and beyond their various skill sets and helped shape the industry that is evolving today. HIMSS Awards Program is geared to acknowledge these industry leaders with various awards and recognitions.
By Jeff Rowe 07:57 am October 08, 2012
More interesting than the short-term achievements of the meaningful use program are innovations that might be coming down the road.
By Brian Ahier 08:55 am October 05, 2012
On October 4, 2012, Politico hosted a conversation about the role and future of accountable care organizations and their effect on providers and patients.
By Tom Sullivan 08:36 am October 05, 2012
Defining big data, why the four Congressmen who want to suspend MU payments are crazy, the emerging business case for HIE, and the most important Q&A I've come across in a while.
By Tom Sullivan 01:59 pm October 04, 2012
Big Bird might be the next Bald Eagle – an American symbol poisoned for all the wrong reasons. And other strange statements President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney made last night.
By Christina Thielst 12:37 pm October 04, 2012
Since I keep track of this stuff, I need to include this BBC story on my blog. It involves a patient in a hospital ward taking a picture of another patient and posting it on Facebook along with an insult.

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