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October 08, 2015 | Sarah Corley, MD
With the advent of value-driven models, healthcare organizations are shifting to more holistic patient care model in order to achieve consistent quality and reduce costs. More

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October 07, 2015 | Scott Rea
Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation aims to eliminate the use of fax for prior-authorizations and audits. Four years later, more than 7,000 Medicare providers... More
October 05, 2015 | Rick Kam
Most people navigate the World Wide Web via well-known search engines such as Google or Bing. Underneath the publicly accessible web, however, is the "Deep Web,... More
September 30, 2015 | John Halamka
John Halamka, MD, reflects on the difference between confidence and competence. More
September 30, 2015 | Brendan FitzGerald
Telemedicine is a complex enough market that even a tiny uptick should be seen as encouraging. More
September 29, 2015 | Validic
(SPONSORED) With such massive, diverse member populations, payers have realized they can no longer rely on simply averaging data from their independent information... More

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November 05, 2012 | Helen Figge
The HIMSS CPHIMS credential continues to become widely accepted as the premier certification for health IT career paths. The HIMSS Annual Conference in New Orleans in... More
November 02, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard
It’s not often that stealing someone’s seat at a healthcare conference actually ends up working in my favor, but last Spring’s iHT2 event in Atlanta proved me wrong. More
October 31, 2012 | John Trader
Although we all applaud the massive push towards electronic health records and the digitization of medical information, there are some very tangible cybercrime data... More
October 31, 2012 | John Halamka
In a time of EHR naysayers, mean-spirited election year politics, and press misinterpretation, it's important that we all send a unified message about our progress... More
October 29, 2012 | Helen Figge
Healthcare and IT jobs supporting these advancements will continue to be the fastest growing career paths. HIMSS realizes the need to support those entering these... More