By Steve Kilguss 11:34 am November 13, 2012
Not too long ago, healthcare organizations were implementing a range of discrete HIT systems, each designed to address a specific departmental or functional need and each typically provided by a different vendor. Lately, though, some healthcare organizations seem to be looking for unified solutions that can address a wide range of needs
By Helen Figge 08:11 am November 12, 2012
HIMSS has placed great emphasis on nurturing “Emerging Professionals” in health IT as defined as those with five years or less work experience in health IT. Hence the HIMSS Emerging Professionals community, now greater than 12,000 strong.
By Tom Sullivan 08:15 am November 09, 2012
The ACA lives but expect changes, just not for EHRs to get easier. How HackensackUMC prepped its mobile ED for nor'easter, Top 10 nursing informatics governance focus areas, and the fate of ACOs.
By David Fried 03:21 pm November 08, 2012
Google your name. The first results will likely be physician finder sites like, Health Grades or Vitals, or broad-based service finders like Yelp or InsiderPages. The reviews can be critical to your success as a doctor in today’s world, regardless of whether they are true or not.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 09:41 am November 08, 2012
What a silly question. What doctor has time to follow patients on Twitter? Besides, healthcare is serious business and Twitter is mostly about frivolity, right? Not so fast, let’s think about it.
By Anthony Brino 04:29 pm November 07, 2012
The Senate Finance Committee initially birthed the ACA, and now, in a lame duck session, the committee is looking for a solution to the so-called fiscal cliff. One compromise said to be floating around the Beltway could involve Democrats agreeing to long-term Medicare and Medicaid spending reductions in exchange for Republican support for tax...
By Carl Natale 09:05 am November 05, 2012
Last week gave most of the East Coast a very scary storm. Which overshadowed the less-real scares of Halloween. Today we cover the ICD-10 codes that could be used in both scenarios.
By Helen Figge 06:57 am November 05, 2012
The HIMSS CPHIMS credential continues to become widely accepted as the premier certification for health IT career paths. The HIMSS Annual Conference in New Orleans in 2013 will provide an opportunity for attendees to take a CPHIMS review course as well as sit for the certification exam.
By Lee Barrett 10:50 am November 02, 2012
ENHAC executive director Lee Barrett explains what's at stake for certified EHRs, the economy, HITECH funding and patient care on Election day.
By Jennifer Dennard 08:12 am November 02, 2012
It’s not often that stealing someone’s seat at a healthcare conference actually ends up working in my favor, but last Spring’s iHT2 event in Atlanta proved me wrong.

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