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December 18, 2014 | Dennis Schmuland, MD
While EHRs have increased clinicians' ability to document and share histories, results, assessments and orders, they underperform when it comes to finding and... More

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December 18, 2014 | Jeff Rowe
Get ready, 'cause it’s coming! Heck, it's already here -- the healthcare data tsunami, that is -- and CIOs are just one key group trying to figure out how to... More
December 16, 2014 | David Lareau
How can your clinical systems enable clinically-coordinated care, that is, true functional interoperability? Here are four important considerations to put you on the... More
December 10, 2014 | Carl Natale
When ICD-10 opponents say there is no benefit for patient care, they're refusing to connect data to healthcare. It's not hard to see why. More
December 09, 2014 | Keith W. Boone
Whatever it is -- if it involves health IT, interoperability, or anything else -- the answer seems to be FHIR. More
December 09, 2014 | Edmund Billings, MD
Interoperability is the current health IT buzzword because it's the essential ingredient in creating a system that benefits patients, doctors and hospitals. Almost... More

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January 09, 2012 | Helen Figge
Well, the time is approaching for our Annual Conference and the Career Services Center promises to provide insight, information and networking for those seeking career... More
January 06, 2012 | Kelly Mehler
Back in December, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum stirred up trouble when he declared that nobody has ever died because they did not have health insurance. How... More
January 06, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard
After a brief search in the iTunes App Store, I realized there are quite a few apps to help new parents record a baby’s feedings and diaper changes. More
January 05, 2012 | Christina Thielst
When will our employees learn not to identify patients on Facebook or any other social media site? More
January 03, 2012 | Kelly Mehler
The 2012 Iowa caucuses take off tonight, as candidates compete for the Republican presidential nomination. But where do the hopefuls stand on healthcare legislation, and... More