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October 29, 2014 | Shahid Shah
Given healthcare IT professionals can make $90,000 or more annually, there has been growing interest in the industry. To help separate fact from fiction and dive a... More

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October 29, 2014 | John Halamka
In 2014, there have been many changes at the Office of the National Coordinator. Although some have voiced concerns about loss of momentum, I believe that in change... More
October 27, 2014 | Carl Natale
It's not news that the American Medical Association opposes ICD-10 implementation. But it's kind of fun when it grudgingly accepts it as a reality. For example... More
October 23, 2014 | Jeff Rowe
If you want to confront the complexity of electronic data, just stop and think about how many ways you want to use the data you have in hand. More
October 22, 2014 | Abder-Rahman Ali
It's getting easier and easier to build unregulated software these days but it's still pretty hard to create regulated/certified systems such as EHRs, medical... More
October 21, 2014 | Keith W. Boone
The fundamental organization of data in an EHR around information documented during an encounter isn't likely to change whether you look at a large grained document... More

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December 06, 2011 | Carl Natale
HealthLeaders Media has one of the more interesting reports available. More
December 05, 2011 | Helen Figge
We all have great career potentials. The key to our potentials is to understand our own strengths and weaknesses and then develop strategies to better accommodate both. More
December 02, 2011 | Kelly Mehler
Two weeks ago it was reported that a think tank founded by GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich accumulated over $37 million in eight years from major healthcare... More
December 02, 2011 | EJ Fechenda
With the start of a new year, thousands will make finding a new job one of their resolutions. If this is going to be on your resolution list or you’re already on the job... More
December 02, 2011 | Jennifer Dennard
As I've come to find out in my time covering healthcare IT trends and issues, there’s never a dull moment in this industry. More