Usability, CCDA Documents and ABBI

We had an extensive discussion about guidelines for producing content for ABBI on the content call today.  It was challenging in several ways.

There is a desire to present to "Data Holders" (Providers and Payers) a description of what data they need to produce so that it can be sent through ABBI.  I argue that the Certified EHR in the providers possession should already be producing the C-CDA content, and so why do we have to describe it further.  If we do, we run into the danger that people will expect that they must produce this thing separately.  Yes, I know that C-CDA needs a quick-start guide, and that the industry as a whole needs C-CDA examples, and all of the other weaknesses.  But the ABBI Content workgroup is NOT the place to backfill for this.  The industry is currently working towards these pieces.

The next notion was on using stylesheets.  It seems that few on the call understand that C-CDA already has two separate components: