ICD-10 absent from latest health IT priorities report

By Tom Sullivan
08:41 AM

Perhaps it's waiting on the back burner but ICD-10 did not make the cut of health IT's most important projects for 2010 and 2011, at least not among healthcare executives.

That little fact emerged during a study conducted by CSC, which found that “neither IT nor operational executives placed a high priority on converting to ICD-10,” Diana Manos of Healthcare IT News reports in Meaningful Use top priority for healthcare executives.

Indeed, achieving Meaningful Use outranked accountable care and new payment models, according to CSC, the technology consultancy and systems integrator, in its findings.

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CSC's study results follow a vendor-conducted survey issued last week that found ICD-10 resides fourth in its listing of health IT priorities. Embarcadero Technologies database-centric customer survey found EHRs, data warehouses, and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) as higher priorities than ICD-10.

Neither survey is entirely surprising, of course, with the ICD-10 deadline not until October 1, 2013. Even the closer HIPAA 5010 Level 1 compliance date of January 1, 2011, which is a CMS suggestion rather a mandate, looks uncertain as of now, according to a recent ICD10Watch reader poll that determined some 60 percent of healthcare organizations do not know yet whether they'll make Level 1.

And ICD-10 projects, by most accounts, are trailing behind the HIPAA 5010 initiatives. “Some industry observers feel this will have impacts throughout health delivery organizations,” CSC added in it's report.

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