How to use the ICD-10 code sets

By Carl Natale
02:01 PM

It depends on how you learn but there are free resources that can help you learn ICD-10 coding.

For example, there are bloggers who explain examples of how to use ICD-10 codes in specific scenarios. These aren't meant to replace ICD-10 training but can help medical coders understand the new code sets:

  • SuperCoder Bolt updates the blog every two to three weeks with an explanation of how a diagnosis or procedure is treated differently in the ICD-10 code set.
  • ICD-10 Trainer can be counted on a couple times each week to run through coding examples in a fun way. Let's be honest, this is a pretty dry subject. That's why I give Michelle Leppert a lot of credit for  her scenarios that set up a need to use ICD-10 codes.
  • The Coder Coach (aka Kristi Stanton) posted a series of lessons on how to code procedures with ICD-10-PCS code set. Her blog is mostly dormant but it's worth the time to explore the archives.

I know this is just a partial list of practical coding resources. Let me know what I missed and I will keep updating it.

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