How the repeal of ACA could affect the uninsured

By Kelly Mehler
12:54 PM

A decay in access to medical services for American adults could continue even if President Obama is re-elected in November, according to a recent Health Affairs study.

The study shows access to healthcare worsened for U.S. adults aged 19 to 64 between 2000 and 2010, even for adults with private health insurance. According to U.S. Census data, that age group represents 195 million people.

The Obama Administration claims that the Affordable Care Act would extend health coverage to more than 32 million uninsured Americans by 2014. But with the Supreme Court contemplating shutting down part or all of the law, with ruling due in June, the study questions whether a second Obama term could benefit the uninsured in the absence of ACA.  Even if the law passes, amendments or repeals of certain provisions could render it ineffective at rescuing the uninsured during a second Obama term.

"If the key coverage provisions in the (law) are ruled unconstitutional or repealed, projections indicate that the numbers of uninsured people will grow," the researchers said.

On the Detroit News Facebook page, user Craig Campbell says that 'Obamacare' needs to be overturned.
"It will end up adding to the debt by 4x over keeping things the same. Scrap it and work on something better," he wrote.

"The uninsured get hit for the total amount of any doctor or hospital bills," commented @beckola on the Huffington Post related article. "If people could even have access to and afford a high-deductible catastrophic plan, at least they would be in the system and not have to pay more than what the insurance company allows. The ACA would subsidize the uninsured in obtaining even one of these plans, if not a better one."

Researchers found that one in five adults had not met their personal medical needs in 2010 and almost 20 percent hadn't seen a doctor within a year. Although costs remain the number one reason why this is happening, families with children and elderly parents seem to suffer greatly. Because of this, many who supported the ACA in the past are becoming hopeless.

"When I see Obama's healthcare take effect, I'll believe it," commented @Janna03. "Most of it hasn't even gone into effect, and those that want to dismantle it aren't done yet. Our Congress should actually address the healthcare crisis other than through the [Paul] Ryan plan that the actual creator of said plan, says won't work."

Optimists on Twitter stand by Obama's ACA.

"What you rarely hear is that the ACA will insure 30-40 million currently uninsured, and will save 30,000+ lives annually," tweeted @lessviolence.

@jgoody tweeted that the law would provide women, especially, with the chance to become insured. "The uninsured distribute costs unfairly upon the insured and interfere with commerce…this structure will work fairly only if insurance is purchased universally and the risks and costs are widely spread."

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