Healthcare IT Bingo!

I was hanging out with David Shaywitz of Forbes the other day and he told me about a piece he wrote some time back about the buzzwords associated with the “innovation” culture that has emerged by name in Silicon Valley and Beyond.  In the story, which can be found HERE, David mentions that Genentech used to penalize its employees for relying on such trite terms, requiring them to self-report such transgressions on gBuzz Bingo cards.

David and I were joking about how easy it is to fall into this buzzword trap, where real thought is diluted and disguised by words that lose their meaning through overuse.  Every industry has its jargon, but healthcare and technology are particularly major offenders and the combination thereof could make both Merriam’s and Webster’s heads explode.

My discussion with David, amplified by my constant frustration with this very topic, inspired me to develop an homage to David’s article (and Genentech’s ideal) in the form of a Healthcare IT Bingo board.  And thus I plopped myself down on the couch and set out to make myself a healthcare IT Bingo card figuring that would keep me occupied for the evening while I watched the SF Giants game while pretending to watch the Democratic Convention.  It took me all of 5 minutes to fill the squares in the bingo card before I ran out of room.  I didn’t even have the space left to populate the categories of people who might play such a game, those people being Stakeholders, Caregivers, CMIOs, Entrepreneurs and, worst of all, Venture Capitalists.