Editor's Desk: T.W.I.G. Notes

By Tom Sullivan
09:23 AM

Some things just surprise me. Indeed, like an East Coast earthquake of magnitude 5.8.

But you already know about that. Here’s another: 25 percent of responding federal IT employees somehow do not see mobile devices posing a security threat. Pardon me?

That stat is between the lines of a Symantec poll, querying 195 so-called IT decision makers at the company’s Government Symposium this summer, the results of which public sector CTO John Bordwine revealed on Meritalk.

Also floating somewhere amid the lines this week, when CMS took out a personal ad (figuratively folks, sorry) for providers looking to test bundled payments, Senior Editor Mary Mosquera dug up the fact that meaningful users of HIT would receive special preference.

Not so much digging as diving, John Loonsk, MD, delves into The HIT Needs of ACOs, kicking off a series with an article on the role data analytics will play in accountable care organizations. While some may find that ACO sweet spot with an EHR or HIE, Loonsk contends, others will find a separate infrastructure makes more sense.

It’s been another busy week for the VA, which synched up its VistA EHR with an HIE in North Carolina, and said that it will test cloud-based collaboration tools for its physicians.

CMS, too, revealed intentions to tap into cloud services for the health insurance exchange program being created to span 50 all states.

Everyone in IT knew it was coming, at some point, and today marks Apple’s visionary resigning his CEO post. Steve Jobs, in his retirement letter, requested to stay on as chairman and an Apple employee. Love him or hate him, it’s nonetheless sad to see a rare of form of pancreatic cancer shorten such a career.

Mr. Jobs, of course, brought us the bleeding-edge iPod, iPhone, and iPad, among other mobile computing devices. And particularly as the Bring Your Own movement continues apace, one would think that 100 percent of all federal IT employees would be aware of the dangers that mobile devices pose, no?