Checklist: 9 tasks that will get you ready for ICD-10 implementation

If you're trying to figure out how to start planning ICD-10 implementation, there are plenty of resources to help.


Hugh Kelly rounded up the "The 5 ICD-10 tasks you should have done by now" for Government Health IT. It's based upon the American Health Information Management Association's (AHIMA) ICD-10-CM/PCS Transition:  Planning & Preparation Checklist. While the checklist is built for large healthcare providers such as hospitals, it still has relevance for smaller medical practices.


In that spirit, here's this list from Pat Schmitter's webinar, "Are you ready for ICD-10?". It is similar to the AHIMA checklist so it's not better. I'm offering it as another way to give you some sense of the planning needed.

"Identify Current Systems and Work Processes"

Create an inventory of everywhere your ICD-9 codes are used. Places such as:

    •    Paper and electronic medical records

    •    Clinical documentation

    •    Superbills

    •    All internal and external reporting

    •    Contracts


While you're at it, look at who is responsible for all those documents and processes. Those people will need training too.

"Communicate with Practice Management System Vendor"

First thing, find out if regulatory updates are are part of the maintenance they will perform. Next, Schmitter says to ask these questions:

    •    Can the current system accommodate the ICD-10 data format? (The answer should be yes if it's  HIPAA 5010 compliant)

    •    Can the vendor upgrade the current system?