Career Services eMentoring Podcast Series

By Helen Figge
04:34 AM

Professional Development, Career Services has had great success with our eMentoring programs: eExecutive and eNurse which provide monthly answers to questions posed to nationally recognized health IT thought leaders today. 

The eMentoring programs provide our members and the healthcare IT community an opportunity to become connected via social media to these leaders in healthcare IT; without this social media exchange many members might not have the opportunity otherwise. It is also a way to be introduced to these industry leaders’ thought processes and ideas for industry solutions faced by many of us in health IT career paths.

Each month an eMentor is given a question to answer provided by an actual HIMSS member and is geared towards career growth and advancement. By creating these eMentoring programs, HIMSS Career Services further strengthened our members' abilities to be connected to industry leaders focusing on healthcare IT and management systems regardless of healthcare IT career stage. This monthly Q&A connection was the first phase of the eMentoring program which has had tremendous success thanks to all engaged.

The next phase of this mentoring effort is our podcast series. Under the direction of Joyce Lofstrom, Director of HIMSS Communications, we have designed a podcast series that will bring these seasoned healthcare IT professionals one step closer to our members – through actual discussions and recordings. The HIMSS Professional Development, Career Services eMentoring Podcast series along with HIMSS Communication will provide short audio interviews on career topics of interest to our members in support of  career advancement toward senior-level, executive positions. Members can listen and gain the skills and expertise needed in a variety of health IT settings. Each new podcast will offer valuable insights from the HIMSS eMentors who will share their experiences and provide guidance on advancing a career in health IT.

The first in this podcast series is now available and entitled: What Skills Do You Need as a Senior Executive in Health IT? by John H. Daniels, FACHE, FHIMSS, Vice President, Organizational Services, HIMSS.  John discusses the skills needed as a senior executive in health IT. These podcasts will alternate monthly between our eExecutive and eNurse mentoring communities and will have topics of interest in support of management positions. If you would like further information on these eMentoring podcasts or have any questions you would like to pose to either eMentoring group, just drop me ( or Joyce Lofstrom ( an email.

And stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and remember...Be passionate about your career path and strive to make a difference and learn, learn…learn. Technology is only the enabler; individuals will be the “transformers” of health IT in the years to come!  

Helen Figge is Senior Director of Career Services at HIMSS.