November 16, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile
The Mini vs. the Titan: Who Will Win the HIT Innovation Race? More
November 02, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile, Policy and Legislation
It’s not often that stealing someone’s seat at a healthcare conference actually ends up working in my favor, but last Spring’s iHT2 event in Atlanta proved me wrong. More
October 19, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Quality and Safety
Did I get your attention? In recent weeks, Nobel Prizes have been awarded in the categories of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economic sciences. While there isn’t... More
October 12, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile, Quality and Safety
I don’t mean to sound jaded, but I think I’m suffering from healthcare IT contest fatigue, which, come to think of it, isn’t all that bad of an affliction. More
September 25, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Electronic Health Records, Mobile
As many Apple fan boys (or fan girls) waited with baited breath outside of Apple stores last Friday (or paid someone to stand in line for them) in an attempt to walk out with the new iPhone 5, I used... More
September 10, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile, Quality and Safety
Tuning into the live webcast of the ONC’s Consumer Health IT Summit earlier today, I had the pleasure of hearing how Vietnam veteran Randy Watson has used the VA’s Blue Button technology to better... More
August 24, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Electronic Health Records, Health Information Exchange (HIE)
All together now, dear readers – repeat after me: Rock Health. Blueprint Health. Health Box. Have I missed any? Healthcare start up/incubator/accelerator programs – call them what you will – are... More
August 14, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile
I’ve watched with interest for the last 18 months or so as the big mobile phone companies – mainly Verizon and AT&T at this point – have slowly but surely creeped into the healthcare space. More
August 07, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile
There have been only two times in my life that I have paid attention to cows. I'm in the midst of the second as we speak. More
July 31, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Business Intelligence
Hailing from Atlanta, which has a vibrant startup scene via the resources offered by Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center, Venture Atlanta and similarly themed programs (not to... More
July 09, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Mobile, Privacy & Security
I’ve always been of the opinion that anything I disseminate via social media is pretty much fair game, and I try to play by the golden rule of “If you don’t want it used against you in a court of law... More
June 29, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Electronic Health Records
It pains me to write this, but Georgia Tech seems to be taking the lead when it comes to healthcare IT research and partnerships. More
May 29, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard
Now that a cargo capsule from a private company has successfully reached the international space station (ISS), I wonder if we’ll see an increase in medical studies/experiments performed in orbit. More
May 18, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Electronic Health Records, Quality and Safety
Sometimes healthcare hits close to home, and by that I mean it reaches out from behind the computer screens and conference podiums I sit so often in front of and grabs me by the shoulders, shaking me... More
April 30, 2012 | Jennifer Dennard | Meaningful Use, Mobile
I try to keep my eyes open for new healthcare technology to report on, and I have to admit that I have a soft spot for any sort of healthcare IT related to social media. More