August 20, 2015 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Electronic Health Records, Policy and Legislation
Stakeholders are gathering to discuss next year's priorities. John Halamka, MD, outlines what's top of mind for healthcare IT leaders. More
August 11, 2015 | John Halamka | Mobile, Privacy & Security, Medical Devices
For years, manufacturers of medical devices depended on the "kindness of stranger," assuming that devices would never be targeted by bad actors. Hospitals must do their best to isolate... More
July 29, 2015 | John Halamka | Mobile, Quality and Safety, Patient Engagement
As we envision the next generation of electronic tools, support for team-based care with handoff management and closed-loop communication among the stakeholders will be the most important new... More
July 23, 2015 | John Halamka | Electronic Health Records, Patient Engagement
John Halamka, MD, discusses how he is using patient-generated healthcare data in his own care management activities. More
July 01, 2015 | John Halamka | Workforce
Every leader is different and working for them requires an understanding of their preferences. John Halamka, MD, shares his advice on thriving in complex hierarchical organizations. More
June 18, 2015 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Business Intelligence, Electronic Health Records
With Stage 2 meaningful use, ICD-10, the HIPAA Omnibus Rule and the Affordable Care Act dominating the agenda these past few years, Beth Israel Deaconess CIO John Halamka, MD, is doing some research... More
June 03, 2015 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
John Halamka, MD, discusses the issue causing providers anxiety and why Congress wants to intervene. More
May 27, 2015 | John Halamka | Electronic Health Records, Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
Every technology has an adoption journey. The classic Gartner hype curve travels from a Technology Trigger to the Peak of Inflated Expectations followed by the Trough of Disillusionment. More
May 21, 2015 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
Few want to publicly criticize the 21st Century Cures Act. But John Halamka, MD is happy to serve as the lightning rod for this discussion, pointing out those assumptions that are unlikely to be... More
May 06, 2015 | John Halamka | Workforce
John Halamka, MD suggests resolving conflicts by active listening. More
April 15, 2015 | John Halamka | Interoperability, HL7, Population Health
John Halamka, MD, was not able to attend HIMSS15, but his second-in-command, Manu Tandon, was on-site at the conference. He sends this analysis of the key themes at HIMSS15. More
April 08, 2015 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
HL7'S Argonaut Project aimed at developing Web-based interoperability standards is moving full speed ahead, with deliverables turned in April 6. More
March 20, 2015 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
In his latest blog, John Halamka, MD provides a comprehensive account of the most recent HIT Standards Committee meeting. Don't miss what he has to say about Stan Huff's and Arien Malec... More
March 11, 2015 | John Halamka | Cloud Computing
IT leaders should focus on a variation on SaaS, which John Halamka, MD, calls "Outcomes as a Service." Software and hardware are one component, but the combination of business processes,... More
March 02, 2015 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
Some pundits have suggested that ONC step aside and return all aspects of health IT policy and technology to the private sector. Others have suggested top-down command and control, including... More