October 16, 2014 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation, Interoperability
On Oct. 15 the future of interoperability was discussed and endorsed by a joint meeting of the Standards and Policy Committees. It was a remarkable day with great energy and enthusiasm to move... More
October 10, 2014 | John Halamka | Electronic Health Records, Interoperability
EHR causes Ebola! EHRs hold data hostage in stovepiped legacy systems! There is no interoperability in America! How many headlines have you seen over the past month that are either completely false... More
October 02, 2014 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Policy and Legislation
On October 15, the Policy Committee and Standards Committee will meet to review the draft interoperability roadmap that will guide our work in the post-meaningful use era. More
September 22, 2014 | John Halamka | Mobile/Wireless, Cloud Computing
John Halamka, MD, shares his thoughts about Apple's latest release, the iPhone 6. More
September 10, 2014 | John Halamka | Mobile/Wireless
Thirty years since Steve Jobs introduced the first MacIntosh, we are on the cusp of a different kind of revolution: the consumerization of healthcare middleware that gathers data about your body/... More
September 02, 2014 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Electronic Health Records, Policy and Legislation
Friday was my one day of summer vacation, enabled by the large number of people taking a long Labor Day weekend. Some things are worth interrupting your vacation. More
August 13, 2014 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Policy and Legislation
Hospitals across the country have until September 30 to complete their 2014 reporting period for meaningful use Stage 2. The trajectory is very positive but the position is less than perfect. More
August 01, 2014 | John Halamka | Data Warehousing, Electronic Health Records, Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Recently, John Halamka, MD, has given many lectures about SMAC -- social media, mobile, analytics and cloud computing. He finds that the most popular analytics topics are business intelligence, big... More
July 18, 2014 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation
The July meeting of the HIT Standards Committee included important discussions of certification for post acute care and behavior health applications, review of data segmentation for privacy, analysis... More
July 09, 2014 | John Halamka | Business Intelligence, Health Information Exchange (HIE)
During my 16 years as CIO, I've witnessed the transition from client server to web, from desktops to mobile, and from locally hosted to cloud. More
July 01, 2014 | John Halamka | Quality and Safety, Interoperability
John Halamka, MD recently found out that interoperability becomes much more real when you watch your own family members experience it. More
June 23, 2014 | John Halamka | Policy and Legislation
The June HIT Standards Committee focused on an update and evaluation of the standards and interoperability framework initiatives, consistent with the overall theme of ONC’s recent reorganization and... More
June 04, 2014 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Policy and Legislation
John Halamka, MD, offers his take on the recent reorganization at ONC, which reduced 17 different offices to 10. More
May 28, 2014 | John Halamka | Meaningful Use, Electronic Health Records, Policy and Legislation
Last week, I posted the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from CMS that offers flexibility to Meaningful Use attestation in 2014. Since then, I've received hundreds of emails about it from my fellow... More
April 30, 2014 | John Halamka | Network Infrastructure, Privacy and Security
As I survey the landscape in 2014, I see much more sophisticated attacks at the same time there is much more severe regulatory enforcement. Where would I put my security dollars this year? More